Kerbside collection


Bin collection - which bin and what day?

To find out which bin is due to be collected this week, click on this calendar.

2022 bin collection calendar(PDF, 191KB)

To learn how to better manage your household waste, visit Halve Waste.

The three-bin system

There are three kerbside bins in the urban areas of our Shire; General Waste (red), Recycling (yellow) and Organics (green). Some rural areas don’t receive an organics (green bin) service.



  • The general waste, red lidded bin (140L urban, 240L rural) is collected on alternative weeks to the recycling bin
  • The recycling, yellow lidded bin (240L) is collected on alternative weeks to the waste
  • The organics, green lidded bin (240L urban only) is collected weekly

Residential collection days by location


Collection Day  













Kiewa / Tangambalanga  







What if my bin wasn't emptied?

There may have been a change of driver or route and the collection time of your service has changed; remember bins need to be out by 6am on the scheduled day of collection.

Your waste/recycle/organics bin may have been contaminated, or your bin was too heavy and was unable to be emptied.

If your bin has not been collected by 4.30pm on the day of collection, please contact us.


How much is my annual kerbside collection service?

Kerbside waste collection charges for 2021-22 are:

  • Garbage collection – urban (140L bin) $116.35
  • Garbage collection – rural (240L bin) $195.75
  • Garbage collection – urban upgraded bin size (240L bin) $195.75
  • Recycling collection (240L bin) $89.30
  • Recycling collection – upgraded bin size (360L bin) $108.10
  • Organics collection (240L bin, or 140L bin by arrangement) $164.35

The waste services provided at each residence are based on whether the property is in a rural or urban zone. If you are in the urban zone the organics bins is mandatory.

The organics bin is not currently available in the rural zone. It is not possible to select which parts of the waste service you will receive, although you can choose to upgrade your bins if you need more capacity.


What if my bin has been stolen or damaged?

If your bin has been stolen, you'll need to provide a statutory declaration to Council and your bin will be replaced at no cost to you.

When complete, email the statutory declaration to or bring it to one if our customer service centres.

If your bin has been damaged, report it to us and your bin will be repaired or replaced.




If I move house do I take my bins with me?

No you don't take bins with you when you move.

The bins are allocated to the property and not to the person at the property. Each bin has an individual serial number which is recorded against the property. This also allows Council to return the bins if they are found abandoned.


What if I run out of compostable bags for the organics caddy?

Households are provided with a roll of 156 compostable caddy liner bags annually.

If you run out of liners in the meantime, you can line your kitchen caddy with paper towel or newspaper, or empty organic material straight into the organics bin.

Small rolls (25 liners) are also available free of charge from our Customer Service Centres. Just remember that only compostable liners provided by Council can be used, not other brands of compostable liners, normal bin liners or plastic bags.


I have just moved into a new house and there is no organics caddy?

Organics caddies are allocated to a property. If yours is missing please provide a statutory declaration to Council.

You can return the declaration to any customer service centre or email to  You will then be able to collect a new caddy from a customer service centre. If you aren’t in an organics collection area and don’t have the green bin, you are not eligible for a council-supplied organics caddy.


Residential collection days by location

Location Collection Day 
Beechworth Tuesday 
Rutherglen Monday
Wahgunyah Monday
Chiltern Friday
Barnawartha Friday
Yackandandah Tuesday 
Kiewa/Tangambalanga Tuesday
Huon Wednesday 
Kergunyah Tuesday

What if I already compost and don’t need a green bin?

Research shows that household waste bins generally contain a high proportion of food and other organic material which could be composted.

We acknowledge that a number of residents already compost, however for various reasons the majority don’t.

The green lidded organics bin will also take material that is not suitable for home compost such as meat bones, cooking oil absorbed in paper towel/newspaper and facial tissues.

To find out all of the items which can be diverted from your general waste bin and disposed in your organics bin, see the A-Z Guide of What goes in the green lidded organics bin(PDF, 166KB)


What can I do if my bin gets too full between collections?

You have the option to upgrade your recycling or garbage bin, for an additional fee. To upgrade to a 360L recycling bin or a 240L garbage bin, please complete the Application for a Waste Service Upgrade(PDF, 603KB)

In completing this form, residents will need to read and understand the A-Z guide of what can and cannot be placed in each bin. You can access these information guides using the links below.

What goes in the red lidded general waste bin A-Z guid(PDF, 162KB)

What goes in the yellow lidded recycling bin A-Z guide(PDF, 214KB)

What goes in the green lidded organics bin  A-Z guide(PDF, 166KB)

Please submit your completed request to or return to our Council office locations.

Visit the Halve Waste website for tips on how to reduce your household waste.