Unsealed road with a bridge

1. Overview

On behalf of the community, businesses and visitors moving through Indigo Shire, we provide and maintain a number of bridges, major culverts and associated structures - collectively knowns as 'bridge assets'.

These bridge assets form an integral part of our road and pathway network and are regularly assessed as part of our Asset Management Plan for Bridges.

For further information on our Asset Management Policy, strategy and other plans relating to assets, click here. 

2. Load Limits

From time to time, we're required to introduce load limits to our bridges. These are temporary measures while structural assessments are made to inform decisions regarding the bridge's current state or more permanent to prolong a bridge's lifespan.

We're currently reviewing our list of bridges and associated limits and will provide an update soon.

  • The Indigo Creek Road bridge currently has a gross load limit of 23 tonne and is a single lane. Minor delays at the traffic lights of around two minutes are to be expected.