Emergency resources

a notebook and phone

There is an extensive number of emergency resources available online.

There is no best resource; there is a variety that cover several scenarios and you are encouraged to find the best one for you, and your household.

We’ve provided some options below:

Create an emergency plan

Preparedness quiz’s

Quiz's can be a fun, interactive way to assess your preparedness and learn new information. Complete the quiz on your own or together with your household

Emergency apps

  • Vic Emergency iOS  | Vic Emergency for Android - VicEmergency is the primary source of information for all emergencies in Victoria. This app will provide you with accurate and timely information about alerts in your area
  • Red Cross Get Prepared - Red Cross provide extensive information and preparedness planning templates through this app
  • Emergency Plus - This app enables you to give accurate location details and dial emergency services directly through the app
  • ABC Listen - Connect to ABC radio directly from your phone
  • My MIZU - Extreme heat has killed more Australians since 1890 than bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, and severe storms combined. MyMizu shows you where free drinking water is accessible in your state and around the world
  • Bureau of Meteorology - Access weather information including radar information and weather warnings
  • VicTraffic iOS  |  VicTraffic for Android - Up to date information about road closures or congestions which may impact your emergency route
Other resources
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