Green waste


Green waste is lawn clippings, branches, garden prunings and raw timber offcuts.

Green waste can be taken to our transfer stations, for a fee. The fee is used to mulch the green waste. The mulch is then available free of charge to residents, but we can’t guarantee it is free of weeds or other contaminants. 

You are welcome to collect free mulch whenever the transfer stations are open, but it is self-load only.

Treated timber and timber/particle board furniture are not accepted as green waste and will attract a higher fee to dispose of because these materials have to be sent to landfill. 

Green waste weekends

The 2020 dates are:

  • Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October
  • Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October 

Green Waste Weekends help the community tidy up their properties ahead of fire season to reduce fire risk.

Visit the CFA for help on preparing your property.

You don't need a voucher to use this service, and if you need to dispose of green waste outside the free green waste weekends, the waste disposal voucher in your rates notice can be used.

We only accept these types of green waste on free weekends:

  • lawn clippings
  • branches
  • garden prunings
  • raw timber off-cuts.

Treated pine and wooden furniture are not accepted as green waste.  Contaminated loads can’t be mulched and will go to landfill, with the customer charged the general waste/landfill fee for that volume. 

Domestic volumes only are accepted, commercial green waste is not accepted at the free green waste weekends.