Waste Transfer Stations

There are two waste transfer stations located within Indigo Shire, one at Beechworth and the other at Rutherglen.

In this section you can access details on locations, opening hours, charges, accepted waste and also how you can reduce costs by sorting your load before you arrive.

Where are they located and when are the open?


Beechworth - 1620 Diffey Road.


Rutherglen - 53 Cornishtown Road.

When are the transfer stations open?

  • Beechworth: 1pm - 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Rutherglen: 1pm - 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

All items must be unloaded by 5pm.

The waste transfer stations are closed:

  • Christmas Day
  • Good Friday
  • Anzac Day
  • CFA declared Code Red days


How much will it cost?

A number of items can be taken to the transfer station for free, while some items attract a fee.

EFTPOS facilities are available.

Please note, as part of our measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus we will no longer accept cash payments at any of our transfer stations. 

Transfer Station fees and charges 2021-2022

  • General household waste rate: $46.60 per cubic metre
  • General household waste: Minimum charge $8.85
  • Mattresses: $36.00 each
  • Soft furnishings, lounge chairs, couches, etc: $38.80 each
  • Clean separated green waste: $20.05 per cubic metre
  • Car tyres: $8.95 each
  • Car tyres with rim: $12.55 each
  • Fridges and freezers $10.00 each
  • Light truck tyres: $15.95 each
  • Heavy truck tyres: $38.65 each
  • Tractor tyres: $82.75 each
  • Earthmover tyres: $166.40 each
  • e-Waste (televisions and computer equipment) and all other electrical/electronic waste: Free
  • Sorted recyclables: Free
  • Scrap metal, white goods (except fridges and freezers): Free
  • Cardboard: Free, must be flattened
  • Clean fill - accepted by supervisor: Free
  • Clean Polystyrene: Free
  • Car Batteries: Free
  • Domestic gas bottles up to 9kg: Free
  • 45kg domestic gas bottles: Free
  • Contaminated recyclables will be charged as household waste at $46.70 per cubic metre.
  • Car bodies: free (car bodies MUST have gas tanks removed and petrol tanks punctured prior to delivering them to the site. Car gas tanks can be recycled provided that they have all valves removed and the tanks are then cut in half. The tanks can then be disposed of as scrap metal).

Please note: Depositing more than 1.5 cubic metres requires special arrangement with the site supervisor.

Customers are encouraged to dismantle waste items prior to entering the Transfer Station so that separated materials can be deposited in appropriate areas.

Contaminated recyclables will be charged as household waste at $46.60 per cubic metre.

What items will we accept?

Here's what we will accept at our transfer stations. Further down the page we also include what we won't accept.

Car bodies and parts*

Automotive batteries
Domestic garbage
Garden waste
Inert solid waste
Metal plumbing fixtures
Hard plastics
Soft furnishings, e.g. couches
Household batteries
Cardboard - Free, must be flattened

Recyclables e.g. glass bottles, plastic drink containers and cans

Sump oil
Tree prunings
Tyres – all sizes
Domestic gas bottles
Building timber off cuts
Treated timber
Particle board furniture


*Car bodies MUST have gas tanks removed and petrol tanks punctured prior to delivering them to the site. Gas tanks can be recycled provided that they have all valves removed and the tanks are then cut in half. The tanks can be disposed of as scrap metal).

Please note: Depositing more than three cubic metres requires prior arrangement – please call us first on 1300 365 003, or discuss with the transfer station attendant.

Customers are encouraged to dismantle waste items prior to entering the transfer station so that separated materials can be deposited in the appropriate areas.

Oil disposal

We need you to dispose of used engine oil in a safe and sensible way. To assist, there are designated drop off points at our transfer stations where the oil is collected and recycled. Residents can also take used empty plastic oil containers up to 15 litres in capacity and leave them at the transfer stations. Used oil containers must be squashed prior to disposal.

DrumMUSTER – Agricultural chemical containers

DrumMUSTER is available at the Rutherglen Transfer Station for safe disposal of used agricultural containers.

  • drumMUSTER collections are each Friday
  • Only containers bearing the drumMUSTER logo are eligible for collection
  • Drums must be triple rinsed prior to collection
  • All drums are individually inspected prior to being accepted.
  • For quantities in excess of 20, an appointment must be made - phone us on 1300 365 003 to make your appointment and you will also need to advise Council of the number of drums you are intending to drop off.

For further information see http://www.drummuster.org.au/








Items we cannot accept

Building rubble   
Plaster board


Infectious waste
Liquid waste
Cleaning solvents
Dead animals
Pharmaceutical drugs
Unidentified chemicals
Clean or contaminated fill


Annual transfer station vouchers

Annual waste transfer station vouchers are for larger household items that don’t fit in your kerbside garbage bin. These vouchers are distributed annually with your rates notices. Each property is issued two vouchers once a year and entitle the holder to a single disposal of up to one cubic metre (1m3) of hard waste, per voucher. Vouchers can be used year round at the Rutherglen or Beechworth Transfer stations. Vouchers will also be accepted at the Tallangatta and Wodonga Transfer Stations.

Only hardcopy vouchers will be accepted at the Transfer Stations. Your voucher must be presented - electronic vouchers are not valid and will not be accepted.





Do you have an option for extra green waste disposal, especially cleaning up my property in Spring time and preparing for fire season?

Yes – Council provides two weekends in October where green waste disposal at the Beechworth and Rutherglen transfer stations is free.  The free green waste disposal weekend dates will be publicised by Council in the lead up to the events. See the Green Waste page for updates

How do I know how much waste I have to dispose?

As a rough guide:

  • A car boot load is approximately 0.25m3
  • A level small trailer is approximately 0.5m3
  • A large level trailer or small heaped trailer is approximately 1m3

What happens to the items after I take to the transfer stations?

Recyclables are taken to Cleanaway’s Material Recovery Facility in Lavington, NSW. The recyclables are sorted, bailed and then sold to a variety of recycling processors.

Green waste material is taken to a processing facility where it is shredded and turned into high grade compost that is used in agriculture.

Non-recyclable garbage is taken to the Albury landfill at the Albury Waste Management Centre.

Why am I charged fees at the transfer station?

Recycling and disposal of items costs Council to collect, transport and process, especially in rural locations.  This cost is in some cases passed onto the customer/consumer (for example; mattresses and green waste), however depending on the type of item disposed, some items are able to be disposed of free of charge to the resident (for example; polystyrene, waste oil and batteries).

We simply couldn't afford to continue to operate the waste transfer stations if fees are waived for all recyclables.

How can I save on waste charges?

You can save money and time by sorting your load before you leave home. The Transfer Station attendant will assess your load and charge accordingly. Pack your trailer so the attendant can easily see what is in your load.

You can save the fees you are charged by:

  • Separating items that incur a charge from items that are free
  • Put the bigger items in first and pack smaller items in the gaps
  • Flatten cardboard boxes
  • Separate recyclable from non-recyclable
  • Separate general rubbish that can’t be recycled
  • Pack similar materials together.

Where do I find my transfer station voucher?

Waste disposal vouchers for Transfer Stations are issued to property owners within Indigo Shire. The vouchers are located on the bottom of the first rates notice (sent out in September each year).

I have recently purchased a property and did not get a waste disposal voucher/ I cannot find my voucher.

Contact us and a replacement voucher may be issued to the property. 

What if I rent?

Waste disposal vouchers are issued to property owners within Indigo Shire. If you rent, council advises that you contact your real estate agent and request the vouchers from the property owner, or if an agent isn’t involved ask the owner directly.

Are there certain times I can dispose of my items at the Waste Transfer Stations?

You can use your rates waste disposal vouchers at any time during opening hours at the Rutherglen, Beechworth, Wodonga or Tallangatta waste transfer stations.

What if I have more than 1m3 of waste to dispose of?

Some items are disposed of free of charge, while others attract fees. Transfer station staff will assess the load and advise you on the cost. You can view the fees and charges in advance here. Two waste disposal vouchers are issued to each property.

My not-for-profit community group has waste which needs to be taken to the transfer station. Are we eligible for a transfer station voucher?

Not-for-profit community groups are eligible for up to four (4) transfer station vouchers per year. If you represent a community group within the Indigo Shire and wish to use a transfer station voucher to dispose of your waste, please contact Council’s Waste Coordinator info@indigoshire.vic.gov.au  

Why doesn’t Indigo Shire have a reuse shop?

The Indigo Shire does not have the high volumes of reusable items or customers to make a reuse shop viable. If you have items suitable for reuse, you can list these in various local online second hand sites, donate to second hand charity stores or take them to the Wodonga Transfer Station’s reuse shop



Alternative waste disposal locations

The following items cannot be accepted at the Beechworth and Rutherglen Transfer Stations. Please refer to the alternative disposal locations for accepted items


Alternative disposal location

Industrial Waste

Albury Waste Management Centre


Wodonga Transfer Station

Cleaning solvents, household chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or unidentified chemicals

Permanent drop off locations are available at Wodonga and Wangaratta Transfer Stations.

Check with Council for the ‘Detox your home’ program collection dates within the Indigo Shire.


Albury Waste Management Centre