Food inspections

Butcher working with meat

The main objective of food surveillance within Indigo Shire is to ensure that food sold within the municipality is safe and suitable for human consumption.

All food premises are registered and inspected by the Council's Environmental Health Officers.

In addition, samples of food are purchased and tested by an independent laboratory to ensure compliance with the Food Standards Code (see Chapter 3 of the Code: Part 3.2.3 – Food Premises and Equipment) outlines the expected standard for food businesses.   

We have powers under the Food Act 1984 to inspect any premises where food is prepared or distributed for public consumption. This is part of our service and ongoing commitment to our residents.

We have a public register of commercial food premises that pay registration fees and these have now been classified in accordance with new guidelines from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

The greater the risk of the food and the potential for things to go wrong during the food handling processes, the higher a business's classification and inspection frequency.

Inspections of food premises are aimed at ensuring the supply of safe food to the consumer by assessing food premises construction and activities against relevant legislation and standards. Food businesses will be inspected and required to comply with food regulations. Our Environmental Health Officers will take immediate action to address non-compliance.

Compliance with regulations will require food businesses to maintain premises and equipment in good repair, demonstrate thorough cleaning practices, ensure correct storage of food and that staff receive training. For more information, see our 'Doing business' page