Rutherglen Place Plan

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The Rutherglen Place Plan maps out a vision to guide the growth and development of the towns evolution for the next 30 years.

Driven by a comprehensive stakeholder and community engagement process throughout 2021 - 2023 and input from industry experts, this document is intended to build on the current strengths of Rutherglen’s community fabric to guide a trajectory that responds to contemporary change. 

The main aims of the Place Plan are to:

  • Consider the strategic planning context of the township and future needs;
  • Address opportunities and challenges within Rutherglen associated with the Place Plan themes;
  • Capture the desires of the entire Rutherglen community for the future of the town;
  • Establishing short, medium and long term goals for Rutherglen;
  • Establishing priority projects for Rutherglen
  • Provide recommendations around strategies, actions, time frames, costs and funding sources;
  • To guide infrastructure development;
  • To support community advocacy; and
  • To improve funding success.

The Place Plan was adopted by Council on Tuesday 28 March 2023.

Read the Rutherglen Place Plan(PDF, 36MB)

May 2023 Update

The Community Working Group is meeting every three months to progress actions from the plan.

The following was covered at its meeting in late April:

  • Pedestrian Focus On Main Street:  Infographic to be developed to show how various council projects prioritise this action. Rail Trail enhancement budget also discussed.  RRV correspondence that the business survey regarding main street improvements was well received – RRV will be in contact to discuss further engagement. Land availability for parking was also discussed.
  • Improve signage, communication and wayfinding:  Grant funding required for this possibility via RDV, Council to follow up regarding eligibility for a connectively plan application.  
  • Best Location for Dog Park:  Discussion regarding off leash zone on the Rutherglen Park Committee parcel, interest in investigating a fenced dog park here also.  Further investigation of current off-leash zones in Rutherglen required.  
  • Events:  ongoing through council grant streams for minor events, larger event curation requires more planning and programming and external grant funding.
  • Rutherglen Skate Park:  Update that this is yet to go to tender, engagement with young people undertaken at a recent event and engagement with the Bowls club also happened re: designs and plans.
  • Barkly Park:  Change room redevelopment awaiting signed contract post budget, update provided re: master planning and the recent appointment of a consultant through SRV funding,  22/05 election for committee to take place.
  • Master Planning for Showgrounds:  Discussion re: Rutherglen Park Committee and need to increase Council connection with this committee.  Ongoing discussions and identification of possible LSIF SRV Planning Grants for this project. 















The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee membership is:

  • Indigo Shire Councillor: Cr Roberta Horne
  • Community Representative: Brian Curran
  • Community Representative: Lisa Turner
  • Community Representative: Diane O'Dwyer
  • Community Representative: Hayden Weller
  • Community Representative: Jill Briggs
  • Destination Rutherglen Representative: Damien Adams
  • Indigo North Health Representative: Zoe Gephart
  • IndigGrow Representative: Georgie James
  • Arts Rutherglen Representative: Irena Webster
  • Winemakers of Rutherglen Representative: Michael Chambers
  • Indigo Shire Officer - Director Community & Economic Development: Mark Florence
  • Indigo Shire Officer - Manager Community Development: Carlene Lamanna


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