Rutherglen Place Plan

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May 2021 

At its May 2021 meeting, Indigo Shire Council finalised the composition of the Place Planning Steering Committee including appointing five community members from 20 nominations.

The Steering Committee will provide input into the scope of the Place Plan, provide strategic advice and ensure everyone in Rutherglen has the opportunity to provide input and have their say.

The commencement meeting of this Steering Committee was held in mid June.

October 2021

The project took an exciting step forward in early October, with the Steering Committee selecting Public Realm Lab as the successful tenderer to work with the community on the development of the Place Plan.

The Committee will meet with Public Realm Lab on 5 November to discuss the project's next steps.  In the meantime, Public Realm Lab will be reviewing some background documents and learning more about the Rutherglen community.

December 2021

The Steering Committee met with Public Realm Lab and project partners Urban Enterprise and Habitat Planning, in November to undertake a workshop and discuss key themes for the place plan.

The four themes emerging for the Place Plan are:

  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Town Centre Considerations
  3. Tourism Opportunities
  4. Social Capital

Public Realm Lab has started to develop a strategic framework for the Place Plan, to be tested at upcoming stakeholder and community engagement sessions.

The framework is underpinned by the liveable cities model and considers critical elements for Urban Amenity within Rutherglen. The four themes of the Place Plan are embedded within the model.  Public Realm Lab's update is available to view or download here(PDF, 89KB).

The Steering Committee has a tentative meeting date set for early February 2022. 

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee membership is:

  • Indigo Shire Councillor: Cr Jenny O'Connor
  • Indigo Shire Councillor: Cr Roberta Horne
  • Community Representative: Brian Curran
  • Community Representative: Lisa Turner
  • Community Representative: Diane O'Dwyer
  • Community Representative: Hayden Weller
  • Community Representative: Jill Briggs
  • Destination Rutherglen Representative: Damien Adams
  • Indigo North Health Representative: Zoe Gephart
  • IndigGrow Representative: Georgie James
  • Arts Rutherglen Representative: Irena Webster
  • Winemakers of Rutherglen Representative: Michael Chambers
  • Indigo Shire Officer - Director Community & Economic Development: Mark Florence
  • Indigo Shire Officer - Manager Community Development: Kate Biglin


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