Rutherglen Place Plan

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The Rutherglen Place Plan provides a guide to support the future growth and development of the town for the next 30 years.

The main aims of the Place Plan are to:

  • Address opportunities and challenges within Rutherglen associated with the Place Plan Themes
  • Capture the desires of the entire Rutherglen community for the future of the town
  • Establishing Short, Medium and Long Term Goals for Rutherglen
  • Establishing priority projects for Rutherglen
  • Provide recommendations around strategies, actions, timeframes, costs and funding sources


September 2022

Thank you for the wonderful response we received for the ranking survey.

We received 356 responses with participants asked to rank their top five projects suggested for the place plan.

Further detail regarding the ranking findings can be found here(PDF, 240KB).

What's next?

The next step following the ranking survey is the Road Test Project/Phase, which is an extra step funded in this project to allow time and resources to be focussed on project development.

Following analysis of the survey findings and discussion with the committee to refine the ‘Road Test’ project, the committee confirmed the following project would be further developed:

  • Develop concept for Arts Precinct hub (redevelopment of existing senior citizens building), drawing on the research and findings to date from the Indigo Shire Council Senior Citizens Review, and the Rutherglen Silos Precinct Concept and Business Case Project. The Concept for the Road test will include:
    • Background report (potential user groups, program, what we’ve heard from the place plan, constraints and opportunities)
    • Concept Drawings (concept, precedent images and references, further developing silos concept)
    • Visualisations to support advocacy document

The next committee meeting has been tentatively set for Friday 7 October, where the road test project will be further developed.

Following this, the aim is for the draft Place Plan to be presented at the December Council Meeting.

The community will then have a further opportunity for input on the draft prior to adoption.



August 2022

The first round of community engagement is complete.

We captured 126 survey responses and 161 comments from the  community through this round of consultation.

The committee met in June 2022 to discuss the findings and provide guidance on the next step for the project. 

We have now developed priority projects for the community based on the initial community input. 

This round of community engagement will involve the community ranking priority projects and you can provide input here.


May 2022

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their feedback on the draft Masterplan in April.

A number of clear, initial themes have emerged which will be taken into consideration when the Steering Committee meets in June to review all of the feedback received.

We'll provide an update on our next steps following the meeting. 


March 2022

The steering committee met in February 2022 to discuss the themes emerging in the place plan in more detail. Following this meeting, Public Realm has developed an engagement plan to guide community input into the place plan.

Engagement with the community on the themes and about suggestions and ideas for the future of Rutherglen has now commenced.  


December 2021

The Steering Committee met with Public Realm Lab and project partners Urban Enterprise and Habitat Planning, in November to undertake a workshop and discuss key themes for the place plan.

The four themes emerging for the Place Plan are:

  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Town Centre Considerations
  3. Tourism Opportunities
  4. Social Capital

Public Realm Lab has started to develop a strategic framework for the Place Plan, to be tested at upcoming stakeholder and community engagement sessions.

The framework is underpinned by the liveable cities model and considers critical elements for Urban Amenity within Rutherglen. The four themes of the Place Plan are embedded within the model. 



October 2021

The project took an exciting step forward in early October, with the Steering Committee selecting Public Realm Lab as the successful tenderer to work with the community on the development of the Place Plan.

The Committee will meet with Public Realm Lab on 5 November to discuss the project's next steps.  In the meantime, Public Realm Lab will be reviewing some background documents and learning more about the Rutherglen community.


May 2021

At its May 2021 meeting, Indigo Shire Council finalised the composition of the Place Planning Steering Committee including appointing five community members from 20 nominations.

The Steering Committee will provide input into the scope of the Place Plan, provide strategic advice and ensure everyone in Rutherglen has the opportunity to provide input and have their say.

The commencement meeting of this Steering Committee was held in mid June.















The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee membership is:

  • Indigo Shire Councillor: Cr Roberta Horne
  • Community Representative: Brian Curran
  • Community Representative: Lisa Turner
  • Community Representative: Diane O'Dwyer
  • Community Representative: Hayden Weller
  • Community Representative: Jill Briggs
  • Destination Rutherglen Representative: Damien Adams
  • Indigo North Health Representative: Zoe Gephart
  • IndigGrow Representative: Georgie James
  • Arts Rutherglen Representative: Irena Webster
  • Winemakers of Rutherglen Representative: Michael Chambers
  • Indigo Shire Officer - Director Community & Economic Development: Mark Florence
  • Indigo Shire Officer - Manager Community Development: Carlene Lamanna


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