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We recognise the important role sport, recreation and physical activity has in creating liveable communities.  We understand that sport and active recreation is the social glue that can bind communities together to create strong connections between residents, helping to create new friendships and networks and reducing social isolation.

The aim of Active Indigo is to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community. To promote livability through a diverse range of fit-for-purpose, affordable, accessible formal and informal recreation opportunities (programs, services and facilities) that encourages local residents and visitors to become more physically active. Quality open spaces, a connected network of tracks and trails and sustainability are some of the key priorities.

This Strategy was adopted by Council on 26 June, 2018.


We are the custodians of an extensive range of community assets. In order to deliver a variety of services to the community, Indigo Shire must ensure that the assets supporting these services are managed in a sustainable way over the long term.

The purpose of this Asset Management Strategy is to outline the necessary activities that need to be undertaken and implemented to achieve the continued implementation of Council’s Asset Management Policy.

The strategy provides the framework to guide a maintained core standard of asset management practice at Indigo Shire, providing the structure for further development (as required) into advanced asset management moving forward.


Our Asset Plan illustrates the importance and magnitude of the infrastructure assets for which council is the custodian. This plan allows our community to be more informed, helping to develop a mutual understanding of the best use of council assets in the interest of the community.

The Asset Plan was adopted at the 28 June 2020 Council Meeting.


Baarmutha Park Recreation Reserve in Beechworth is a valuable open space for the Indigo community. The reserve is the location of one of only two formal playing fields in Beechworth and is the home base for a range of sporting and recreation clubs.

The site has building infrastructure that is the cornerstone of social connection for sporting and recreation clubs and community organisations. The facilities provide amenity for club competition and training and also a resource for the community for informal recreation and social activities when not in use by sports clubs. 

The masterplan was established to provide a 10-15 year guide for future developments and improvements at the park. The masterplan will provide guidance to Council to ensure future development of facilities supports increased participation, responsible future investment and considers current and future recreation needs.

The Masterplan was adopted by Council on 28 June, 2022.

We have developed Masterplans for the Shire’s four caravan parks located in Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen and Yackandandah. 

The Masterplans support Council’s economic development and visitor economy objectives, optimising Council assets for the long term and maximising the contribution to the local economy, while delivering Council with a sustainable and robust direction for lease frameworks and future park management.

The Masterplans are a blueprint for the future of our Caravan Parks and will provide a foundation for development and investment. They address the current accessibility and sustainability standards within the parks, encompassing the ethos of future fit, both socially and economically. 

The Caravan Park Masterplans were adopted by Council on 13 December, 2022.

To view or download the draft master plans, which are in PDF format, click on the links below.


Established in 1865, Carlyle Cemetery sits on six acres of Crown Land, with an additional six acres aside for future growth.  Indigo Shire Council provides the management and administrative support services and the Councillors of the Shire are the Cemetery Trust Trustees.  

The Carlyle Cemetery Strategic Plan 2020-2024 provides a long-term strategy for the care and management of the cemetery.

This Plan was adopted by Council on 25 August, 2020.


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