Instruments of Delegation

Council is given many powers, duties and functions under various pieces of legislation. It would be impossible for any Council to exercise all of these powers through formal meetings and resolutions and therefore Councils need staff to make decisions and act on their behalf for day to day operations.

When a Council delegates a power, duty or function to a member of staff, the decision of the delegate is deemed a decision of Council. 

Section 11(1) of the Local Government Act 2020 (‘the Act’) allows a Council to delegate its powers, duties and functions to the CEO and to the members of a delegated committee. Other legislation allows for delegations to members of Council staff. The following are the current adopted instruments:

  1. Instrument of Delegation to CEO(PDF, 183KB) – adopted 16 May 2023
  2. Instrument of Delegation to Members of Staff(PDF, 1MB) - Adopted 16 May 2023
  3. Instrument of Sub-delegation to Members of Staff under the Environment Protection Act 2017(PDF, 202KB) - adopted 16 May 2023

Section 47(1) of the Act allows a Chief Executive Officer to delegate powers, duties and functions to a Community Asset Committee. Please click here to find each committee’s instrument of delegation.