Meet your Councillors

Indigo Shire's seven Councillors were elected on 24 October 2020 and will serve as your elected representatives until 2024.

If you would like to invite the Mayor or Deputy Mayor to attend an event, use the online form, providing as much detail as possible.

Sophie Price


  • Telephone0400 651 848
  • Email
  • ProfileMy vision is that Indigo Shire is a place for people of all ages to live a full life. I want to ensure that Council can provide the infrastructure and services to our towns that enable residents to help them grow in to great communities and places.

Peter Croucher


  • Telephone0438 273 260
  • Email
  • ProfileI want to see the Shire preserve its wonderful character and heritage values while taking into consideration the increases in population, tourism and economic development.

Roberta Horne


  • Telephone0404 343 699
  • Email
  • ProfileI envision an inclusive Shire that embraces collaboration and invests in its people. I would like to see more action to broaden our economic and social appeal and to focus on community safety; secure employment; affordable housing; improved health and wellbeing; tourism; liveable communities and infrastructure.

Diane Shepheard


  • Telephone0428 115 213
  • Email
  • ProfileIndigo Shire is a great place to live, with engaged caring communities who think innovatively and work collaboratively to face future threats and opportunities. Within our region and beyond we need to think and act sustainably and responsibly towards each other and our environment.

Emmerick Teissl


  • Telephone0438 010 251
  • Email
  • ProfileMy vision for Indigo Shire is to be accessible to all members of the community and provide them a voice when required, and work with them to maintain the balance between the growth of our communities while being faithful to their current values and beliefs.

Sue Gold


  • Telephone0487 717 084
  • Email
  • ProfileI have a vision of a thriving Indigo where businesses and farms are profitable, communities prosper, and infrastructure and services are well-organised. I value inclusion and diversity – of ideas and people. I truly believe that by working together and building upon our strengths, we can solve our greatest challenges and achieve great things for Indigo.

Official correspondence, invitations and letters to the Mayor and Councillors should be addressed to:

Executive Assistant CEO and Councillors
PO Box 28, Beechworth VIC 3747
Phone: 1300 365 003


NOTE: Emails sent to all Councillors will be responded to by the Mayor on behalf of all Councillors.