Heavy vehicle parking in built up areas

Truck parked in a residential street

Across Victoria, trucks, or heavy vehicles, are restricted in how long they can be parked within a township area.

Township areas are described, by definition, as a built-up area and these rules are in place to prevent the amenity of an area being affected.

The rules are enforceable at both a state and local level:

  • Under the State road rules, rule 200(2), the driver of a heavy (4.5T GVM) or long vehicle must not stop on a length of road in a built-up area for longer than one hour.
  • Under Council's Local Law number 1 (Streets & Roads Local Law), a heavy vehicle (weighing more than 4T GVM) must not be parked on privately owned residential land for a period greater than two hours.

The State law is enforceable across Victoria and infringement notice are issued by Authorised Officers or the Police.