Place planning, or placemaking, is a holistic approach to planning and development that aims to create vibrant and resilient places that are valued by communities and admired by visitors. Place Planning involves understanding the culture, qualities and wisdom of its community.

It involves collaboration between many stakeholders to articulate a vision for a place and to plan and deliver that vision. Place planning incorporates masterplanning, urban design, social and economic development, community engagement and community planning, retail planning, arts and culture and sustainable development.

Place planning benefits the broader community as much as it benefits investors, developers and property owners. Place planning builds community goodwill, and gives investors and businesses the confidence to innovate and create places that people love.

Indigo Shire Council has worked to deliver Place Plans with communities in Chiltern, Kiewa-Tangambalanga and Yackandandah in recent years, achieving significant community outcomes and attracting major grants from State and Federal Governments.