Housing Resources

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1. Overview

Across Australia, the housing market is facing a number of challenges.

We've compiled some resources below with the aim of assisting Indigo residents to live the way they want as housing needs change.

2. Housing Forums

In June 2022, we hosted two housing forums that aimed to explore innovative options to meet the needs of the community and incoming residents, to live in Indigo, through social housing and affordable housing models.

The forums also explored local housing support services and ways that we can age in place within our community.

You can hear a recording from the Beechworth forum below.

Listen Here - Housing Forum Podcast(ZIP, 164MB)

Rutherglen Panel

  • Mark Dowling, The Common Equity Housing Limited CEHL, Housing Program
  • Graeme Jacobs & Greg Muller, Akuna Lifestyle Communities & Nestd Homes - Nestd Villages
  • BeyondHousing 
  • Daniel House, HouseTide Support Services

Beechworth Panel

  • Graeme Jacobs & Greg Muller, Akuna Lifestyle Communities & Nestd Homes - Nestd Villages
  • Rick Leeworthy, Hadar Homes Rooming House Project
  • Catherine Jefferies, BeyondHousing
  • Daniel House, HouseTide Support Services
  • Anne Threadgold, Quercus Support

Click next or through the table of contents at the top of the page to read more about the presenters that attended and the housing support options in Indigo.

3. Nestd Homes - Nestd Villages

Over the last 3 years, Nestd has been providing pre-designed and pre-fabricated affordable compact homes in to the regional residential and tourism sectors around Australia.

Nestd’s new division, Nestd Villages, is focused on addressing the affordable housing problem for unfunded retirees (pensioners) in regional areas. The village would be located near the town centre and close to local services and amenities. Pensioners will be able to rent a home on a long-term, secure lease within a safe community environment. The rents will be offered at a discount to market rents and it is anticipated that single older women at risk of homelessness will account for a good proportion of the total residents in each village. 



NestdTM is a social enterprise with all profits going to Kids Under Cover’s work preventing youth homelessness.

4. Hadar Homes - Rooming House Project

With 35 years’ experience in the building industry, Rick Leeworthy owner of local building company of Hadar Homes noticed several years ago that nearly one third of all homes were occupied by only one person. In order to meet this need of providing affordable single occupancy housing, Rick created a small boutique design team within his business to produce purpose built housing accommodation across the region. By using the current Victorian Rooming House Planning Scheme exemptions, Rick and his team are building well-designed housing solutions to meet the demand and fill this gap by providing affordable single resident housing in local communities across NE Victoria.

5. The Common Equity Housing Limited CEHL, Housing Program

Common Equity Housing Limited, CEHL, is a social housing provider and is an alternative to private rental and home-ownership. It provides long-term tenancies along with co-operative management of housing.

People in the CEHL Housing Program enjoy:

  • Secure long-term housing
  • Affordable rent
  • Contributing to decisions that shape the Program and their housing
  • Building supportive communities

CEHL works in partnership with member co-operatives to deliver an effective, sustainable housing program that empowers people and builds strong communities.

The CEHL Housing Program is Co-op-led

Each co-op is an independent organisation that meets the needs of its own community within the framework of the CEHL Housing Program.

Co-ops are run by volunteer members, for members, they:

  • manage governance and planning for their co-op
  • have a say in the decisions that affect their housing
  • elect co-op member representative to the CEHL Board
  • input into policies and program matters

Member co-ops may also act as landlord, managing tenancies, finances and maintenance (in Community Managed Co-operatives these functions are managed by CEHL)

There are 2 Co-ops in the Indigo Shire region, Glenworth Co-op in Rutherglen and Linger Longer in Yarrawonga. Property vacancies in these co-ops do occur from time to time. 


6. Community Support

Quercus Beechworth supports the community through the Quercus Community Support Group. 

Quercus Community Support is a confidential and non-judgemental service that can provide financial assistance with food, utilities, fuel, emergency accommodation, pharmaceuticals and school costs.

If you or someone you know is need of some financial support please contact our volunteers on 0408 860 231 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 10am-4pm, to make an appointment. Outside these hours you can contact the Beechworth Salvation Army services on 0427 503 948.


7. BeyondHousing

BeyondHousing is a not-for-profit organisation providing people with a pathway to home.

We are the largest community housing organisation within the Goulburn and Ovens Murray regions of Victoria and the main entry point for the homelessness system.

Every year, we help 6000 people and families find and stay in a home of their own.

We help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, those who need support and advocacy in private rental tenancies and provide tenancy support for people living in social housing.

And we are building more homes for the people in our communities who need them.


8. HouseTide Support Services

HouseTide Support Services is about helping your loved one live, not just exist. 

HouseTide Support Services seeks to provide the best possible services and support to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

HouseTide is committed to efficient and effective services which are individualized, responsive and delivered within a framework of respect for human rights.

We have both Short and Medium Term Accommodation options to suit all needs

At HouseTide we have homes in both Albury and Wodonga. With these options, we can accommodate both adults and children. We listen. We understand and we’re here to help.

We now have our new wheelchair accessible home with support staff who specialise in high needs and personal care.
With full hospital-grade beds, safety rails and a freestanding hoist. We can accommodate you or your loved one with comfort.

Did we mention our wheelchair transport?

This means you don’t have to be stuck at home if you come in!