Council Meetings

Council meetings are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Beechworth Council Chambers, 2 Kurrajong Way, Mayday Hills, Beechworth at 6:30pm.  

Council meeting agendas detail the order of business to be discussed and decided. Councillors discuss various issues and make decisions on the recommendations included within the agenda. The CEO and Directors of each department attend the meetings.

Additional Council meetings are called from time to time to discuss and decide upon specific matters, for example, the annual budget.

The next scheduled meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday 30 July 2024 commencing at 6.30pm in the Council Chambers.    

2024 Meeting Schedule
 27 February 26 March  23 April 
 14 May  25 June  30 July
 27 August  17 September

 19 November (Statutory Meeting)

10 December