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We recognise the important role sport, recreation and physical activity has in creating liveable communities.  We understand that sport and active recreation is the social glue that can bind communities together to create strong connections between residents, helping to create new friendships and networks and reducing social isolation.

The aim of Active Indigo is to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community. To promote livability through a diverse range of fit-for-purpose, affordable, accessible formal and informal recreation opportunities (programs, services and facilities) that encourages local residents and visitors to become more physically active. Quality open spaces, a connected network of tracks and trails and sustainability are some of the key priorities.

This Strategy was adopted by Council on 26 June, 2018.


Our Advocacy Action Plan provides a guide to address some issues that are beyond the capacity of Indigo Shire Council, working alone, to find solutions for. The framework of this plan is designed to allow Council to take advantage of advocacy opportunities as they arise throughout the year. These opportunities can come with little or no warning.

The plan is also the basis for prioritising projects and funding bids, especially when new funding programs are announced from the Federal and State Governments.

Council adopted the latest Advocacy Action Plan on 14 December 2021.


We are the custodians of an extensive range of community assets. In order to deliver a variety of services to the community, Indigo Shire must ensure that the assets supporting these services are managed in a sustainable way over the long term.

The purpose of this Asset Management Strategy is to outline the necessary activities that need to be undertaken and implemented to achieve the continued implementation of Council’s Asset Management Policy.

The strategy provides the framework to guide a maintained core standard of asset management practice at Indigo Shire, providing the structure for further development (as required) into advanced asset management moving forward.


Established in 1865, Carlyle Cemetery sits on six acres of Crown Land, with an additional six acres aside for future growth.  Indigo Shire Council provides the management and administrative support services and the Councillors of the Shire are the Cemetery Trust Trustees.  

The Carlyle Cemetery Strategic Plan 2020-2024 provides a long-term strategy for the care and management of the cemetery.

This Plan was adopted by Council on 25 August, 2020.


The Chiltern Placemaking and Structure Plan was adopted by Council in 2016.

Part A of the plan outlines the key strategic projects ready for tactical planning.Each project includes the rationale behind the proposal, the key elements, and guidance for governance and implementation

Part B uses a land use planning process to guide the approach to managing growth.

Chiltern Connectivity Plan

A recommendation of the Placemaking and Structure Plan, this plan identifies missing links in the existing path network and to provide safe and accessible connections for both locals and tourists. 

This plan was adopted by Council on 17 December, 2019.




Community engagement is a planned process whereby Council and the community exchange information through different methods and take actions to solve common problems, deliver services or make decisions. Community engagement provides the opportunity for the community to have a say and contribute to the decisions and actions of Council.

We want to strengthen our relationship with the Indigo Shire community to create a more cohesive approach to developing the liveability of the Shire. Stronger engagement with the community will lead to stronger partnerships, improved outcomes and a more involved community.

Our community engagement approach is designed to genuinely involve community members in the work of Council and the future of the Shire, with opportunities for participation across traditional methods and digital platforms. 


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