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Council Funding Programs

The Indigo Tourism Events Grant and Community Events Grant Programs are now open. With a combined pool of $45,000, the grant programs aim to support event organisers to host events within Indigo Shire.
The grants are now open and will close at 5pm on Sunday 13 December 2020.
The event funding will then be awarded at the February Council meeting.
For more information on these grants please consider the guidelines below, you can also contact the grants team by emailing or calling 1300 365 003.

This year in lieu of drop-in sessions we will be hosting webinars for each of the funding programs to detail the funding criteria. Please register for the applicable session below:

  • Community Events Grants - 3pm, Thursday 26 November - Register
  • Tourism Events Grant - 11am, Thursday 26 November - Register

Please note:
In 2020/21 we will be using SmartyGrants, an online grants administration system to manage and streamline the application process. It is through the online portal that applications and all supporting documentation will be submitted, processed, and acquitted.
If for any reason you need assistance with submitting online, please contact the Grants Team. If you require a paper copy of the application form you can download it below, or collect a copy from Customer Service locations across the Shire.

Community Events Grant

The objective of the Community Events Grants is to support community groups to ensure all residents are engaged in their community and have access to a range of recreational, social and cultural activities and events.

Funding available in 2019-2020

A total of $15,000 is available for Community Events in 2019-2020. Successful grants will range from $200 to $2,000.  


The eligibility criteria for Indigo Shire’s Community Events Grants Program is:

  • Applications will be considered only from locally based groups and organisations or those meeting a demonstrated need within the Shire.
  • One application per group.
  • Preference will be given to applications for events where funding is not available from other sources.
  • The group or organisation must be open to or accessible by Indigo Shire residents.
  • All applicant organisations must either be incorporated, be auspiced by another group or become incorporated as a condition of funding.
  • Groups must demonstrate a significant contribution in the form of cash, voluntary service or in kind support.
  • The applicant must have appropriate public liability insurance to cover the event.
  • Preference will be given to events that prioritise sustainability and align with the Indigo Shire Local Food Policy.
  • The applicant will agree to complete the Waste Wise Event Toolkit.
  • Any funding awarded will be conditional on the event acquiring any relevant Council permits and licences.

  • Applications will not be considered within the following categories:
    • Individuals.
    • Groups already in receipt of significant support from Council.
    • Programs considered the major responsibility of another government agency.
    • Applications by commercial or private organisations.
    • Events supporting causes not aligning with Council values.

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Tourism Events Grant

Previously called the Indigo Economic Development Festival an Events Grant, the Tourism Events Grant aims to support event organisers to host events that will increase visitation to Indigo Shires destinations. The grant program has two streams, funding and logistics support, applicants may apply for one or both streams.

Funding available in 2020-2021

A total of $30,000 is available in funding support with applicants able to apply for up to $6,000. An additional $30,000 is available in logistics support with no limit per application.

Objectives of the program:

The panel will recommend distribution of Indigo Shire Council’s annual discretionary tourism events grant.
The objective of this allocated funding is to maximise economic outcomes for Indigo Shire through the attraction and support of new and innovative events.
This will be achieved by supporting events that;

  • Grow the visitor economy through any of the following:
    • Increasing overnight stays;
    • Increasing midweek visitation;
    • Increasing off-peak visitation;
  • Attract new audiences to Indigo Shire through any of the following: 
    • Developing an event that shows significant innovation from events that have been delivered in Indigo Shire before. 
    • Developing a new experience within an existing event to attract a new audience.

Adding an element of creative appeal that has the potential to build the Indigo Shire brand through social and traditional media take up. 

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Applications close at 5pm on Sunday 13 December 2020

Other Funding Opportunities

Other organisations have various funding programs available, these vary on the type of event and exact project you need funding for.
Examples include:

Support in applying for funding

Council can support your efforts in applying for event funding by writing letters of support and guidance on the project.
Please consider our Sponsorship and Grants Guide(PDF, 515KB) and contact Tourism Development Officer - Clare Rowland to discuss your project.