Weeds and pest animals


Weeds and pests

You can view Council's roadside weed & pests program control plan here:

On Council land

Council is responsible for controlling weeds and pest animals on Council property including Council managed roadsides. We have an annual roadside weed control program undertaken by external contractors. Landcare groups are consulted on the priority roads to include in the program each year. If you see a potential weed or pest infestation on Council land let us know.

On your property

Land owners are responsible for controlling weeds and pest animals on their own property. Visit Agriculture Victoria for more information.

Serrated Tussock

Recent rain and warm weather has created an ideal boost to growth of the noxious weed serrated tussock. Head to the Surrated Tussock Working Party website to find further information on control measures to prevent its spread.


If you have a complaint about a weed or pest animal on a neighbouring property, we advise you speak to your neighbour about your concerns. If it can't be resolved, you can escalate your concern to Agriculture Victoria.


RabbitScan is a free resource for landholders and the community to record and map rabbit activity, warrens, damage, and control activities in their local area. RabbitScan can also be used to record rabbit numbers and evidence of disease. You can access RabbitScan here or download the app. It is quick and easy and helps gather data on the amount and locations of rabbits.

European wasps

European wasps are an introduced pest species, and have negative impacts on agriculture, tourism and biodiversity. European wasps are also a regular nuisance in summer and autumn, hovering around food sources and sometimes stinging people.

Controlling European wasps needs a combined approach, with everyone playing their part. Landholders are responsible for controlling pest species on their land. Council controls wasps on Council land, and you can help by controlling wasps on your land. Community groups in towns across the Shire have joined the campaign as "wasp busters" working with the Shire and professional pest controllers to trial coordinated efforts to control wasps. If you would like to join this group, or need further information, please contact environment staff at Council. For more information, see our fact sheets on managing wasps(PDF, 217KB) and identifying wasps(PDF, 409KB) .