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Indigo’s Environment Advisory Committee's (IEAC) role is "to provide advice to Council on the development of Council policy as it relates to environmental and sustainability matters". 

The committee has been operating since 2009 and has had an integral role in the development of our Environment Strategy, our Greenhouse Action Plan as well several other programs and policies.

Current Committee Members:

Members: Cr Jenny O’Connor (Chair), Cr Roberta Horne, Jane Roots (Deputy Chair),  Chelsea Cherry, Sue Berwick, Peter Kenyon, Rik Thwaites, Penny Everingham, Peter Anfruns, Philippa Noble, Craig Hart, Helen Robinson, Nicki Munro, Tim Smith, Peter Leppert.

Council Officers: Ian Ellett, Helen Jones


Interested community members are invited to apply to be part of IAEC (there is no set recruitment period). You can download the application form(PDF, 168KB) here.

Schedule A - Terms of Reference - Indigo Environment Advisory Committee(PDF, 1MB)

The application process is:

  1. Complete application form and submit to our staff
  2. The IEAC will review the application at their next meeting and provide a recommendation to Council regarding the new applicant
  3. The next council meeting will review the IEAC's recommendation.


IEAC application form(PDF, 168KB)

What’s on?

Check out the Ecoportal website and events calendar:

  • Offers a central place for the promotion of upcoming sustainability events;
  • Provide links, information and contact details of local sustainability groups;
  • Encourage the sharing of skills, knowledge and resources locally; and
  • Add to opportunities to network with others.

Community environment and sustainability groups

Indigo Shire is home to many active and dedicated Landcare and 'Friends of' groups and they can always use more volunteers. Check out the listing and contact details at the Victorian Landcare Gateway. Also check out Plasticwise and Boomerang Bags via Facebook.

Committee Contact

Jill Croome, Coordinator Environment & Sustainability - ph: 1300 365 003