Electronic waste

Old red television set

E-waste refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted. 

It is illegal in Victoria to dispose of e-waste in landfill, this includes your kerbside bins. See below where you can take your electronic items for free.

The problem with e-waste in your kerbside bins

Just because they are small doesn’t meant they aren’t dangerous.

E-waste in waste trucks poses a major fire risk due to seemingly small e-waste items being placed into bins.  Not only is this incredibly dangerous for the truck drivers and anyone in the immediate vicinity but it results in more waste going to landfill.

Lithium batteries are highly reactive and even the smallest button batteries can cause fires. 

None of these items belong in ANY kerbside bin, not even your garbage bin.

Keep your community safe by taking your unwanted household batteries (lithium and alkaline) to your local transfer station.

Batteries are simple to recycle, see below for the best way to recycle your e-waste safely.


What items are considered e-waste?

E-waste is growing three times faster than the rate of other types of municipal waste, and these items contain many potentially hazardous materials that will now be diverted from landfill.

This includes:

  • Household items -  Fridges, microwaves, irons, kettles, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric fans
  • TV and telecommunications equipment – Mobile Phones, computers, tablets and accessories, printers and televisions
  • Electrical items - Power tools, leaf blowers, electronic lawnmowers and sewing machines
  • Batteries – Lithium batteries, button batteries
  • Toys, leisure and sporting equipment – Propane and Butane canisters used for portable gas cook tops, hand-held video games and consoles, musical equipment, radios, remote control toys and any toys that take batteries.
  • Lighting -  LEDs and fluorescent lamps and bulbs

Where can I take my unwanted e-waste and batteries?

There are several drop-off points throughout Indigo Shire for free e-waste and battery recycling:

  • Beechworth Library and Customer Service Centre
  • Chiltern IGA
  • Rutherglen Library and Customer Service Centre
  • Yackandandah Library and Customer Service Centre
  • Beechworth transfer station
  • Rutherglen transfer station 

Please note, larger household items, toys, leisure and sporting equipment should be taken to the Beechworth and Rutherglen transfer stations


E-waste collection box with three sections

What will happen to the e-waste?

E-waste will will not end up in landfill. It will be collected and taken apart so that valuable components can be retrieved and hazardous materials removed.

Although e-waste is technically recycled, please don’t put it in your yellow recycling bin – it can’t be processed with the other recyclables.