Rutherglen Loops

  • Project typeShared Trail Construction
  • Project value$5.13M (Fully grant funded)
  • Project scheduleOn schedule
Two people cycling beside a paddock with sheep and wooden fencing.

About the project

Rutherglen Loops (previously known at the Rutherglen Wine Walk Cycle Trail) is an initiative to develop and expand walking and cycling tourism throughout Rutherglen.

The project proposes to provide approximately 48 kilometres of trails, consisting of both new paths and upgrades to existing rail trails and shared pathways.

The network will consist of a series of smaller loops close to the Rutherglen township suitable for all abilities of cyclists as well as a series of longer loops utilising the Rail Trail to Wahgunyah including the option to ride the river trail, head north to All Saints Winery or travel south to Lake Moodemere, each providing an opportunity to visit cellar doors and wineries along the journey. 

Why is this project being undertaken and how is it being funded?

This project provides an opportunity for Rutherglen to develop and showcase its natural beauty and food and wine culture to the community as well as expanding interest and visitation from a wider national and international market with an integrated and well-designed off-road cycling and walking trail network.

The project aims to:

● Offer a distinctive experience unique to the Rutherglen area that stands out from other winery districts; and

● Encourage people to participate, visit and stay longer in Rutherglen and across the Indigo Shire region.

The project is fully grant-funded by the Australian Government.

Proposed trail alignment

While some sections of the trail already exist, part of this project will involve constructing new linkages to the existing sections, creating a series of loops as described above.

Rutherglen Loops - Trail Map


Rutherglen Loops - Trail Status July 24.JPG

Progress updates

July 2024 Update

July 19 Update

Construction continues to progress with the Jacks Road/Main Street West section now sealed and weather permitting, Barkly Street will be sealed next week.

Works have also progressed along the Murray Valley Highway, with subgrade preparation forthe pathalignment underway and a number of culvert crossingsinstalled.

Repairs to some flood damaged sections of the existing Wahgunyah trail network will also commence next week.


Newly constructed trail in rural setting

July 4 Update

Construction is continuing to progress well with the concrete path on Barkly Street, near the High Street roundabout, now poured.

Weather permitting, this section of the trail will be sealed next week with line marking, delineators and completion works to follow.

Along Jacks Road/Main Street West, the path has been sealed and works along the Murray Valley Highway will commence next week.

Bike Trail in rural setting

June 2024 Council Meeting - Distillery Road Tender Awarded

At its June Council meeting,Council awarded the tender for the construction of Distillery Road section to Excell Gray Bruni, worth $423,500.

This next section will connect Cofields Wines, Dinah Wines and Pfeiffer Wines via a two-metre wide sealed river-gravel pedestrian and cycling shared trail along Distillery Road.

The section of trail along Jones Road has also been recently tendered, with submissions currently being evaluated and contract award anticipated in the coming weeks. These works will connect Jones Winery andVineyard to Howlong Road.



June 2024 update

Friday 21 June update

Works on multiple sections of the trail continue to progress well.

Weather permitting, the path pavement along Jacks Road will be completed this week which will allow works to move to the trail section along Main Street West next week.

The concrete works on Barkly Street near the High Street roundabout will be completed next week, while works along the Murray Valley Highway are expected to commence in mid-July following the finalisation of the required commencement approvals.

Orange machinery working on side of road surrounded by trees


Friday 7 June update

Construction continued this week, with a number of sections beginning to take shape.

Along Jacks Road, we’ve progressed drainage and pavement preparation while on Barkly Street, the path base is almost complete.

Preliminary works along the Murray Valley Highway have also begun, with native vegetation protection being established along the path's alignment.

Please be aware of the changed conditions and adhere to all safety signage.

Large machinery work alongside sealed road to build bike path
Dirt bike path under construction alongside sealed road in rural setting

May 2024 update

Two sections of the Rutherglen Loops are now under construction, with works along Barkly Street, Main Street West and Jacks Road underway.

Weather permitting, we'll begin constructing the new pavement along Barkly Street next week, with this section to be on a widened shoulder with delineators to separate road and trail users.

Once finished, these works will complete the "Town Loop" and connect the existing Murray to Mountains Trail to Chambers Rosewood Vineyard. 

The Main Street West and Jacks Road section will be an off-road sealed trail and will connect trail users from Rutherglen to Andrew Buller Wines, Stanton & Killeen Wines and Campbells Winery.

Please be aware of the changed traffic conditions while works are underway.


April 2024 update

Works to expand the footpath network throughout Rutherglen have been completed with ~1.2km of new concrete shared path constructed along Lord Street, Murray Street and Drummond Street. These works also saw ~250m of existing path widened along Murray Street.

Works commencing soon

  1. The 1.3km on-shoulder trail along Barkly Street connecting Chambers Rosewood Vineyard to the Murray to Mountain Trail and the existing trail along Hopetoun Road.
  2. The ~1.7km off-road sealed trail along Jacks Road and Main Street West
  3. The ~4km off-road sealed trail along the Murray Valley Highway

Creating The Rutherglen Loops – “Town Loop”

Once completed, the Barkly Street section will complete construction of the “Town Loop”.

This loop will be approximately 4km and be made up of four legs:

  1. The existing Murray to Mountain Trail between the Silos and Barkly Street
  2. The newly constructed shared path down Lord Street
  3. The existing sealed trail past the Wine Bottle along Hopetoun Road
  4. A new on-shoulder trail along Barkly Street (construction commencing soon)

This loop will provide nearby access to the following wineries:

  • Chambers Rosewood Vineyards via the Barkly Street trail (construction commencing soon)
  • Jones Winery via a new off-road trail along Jones Road (currently in design stage)
  • Anderson Winery via a new off-road trail along Jones + Chiltern Rutherglen Roads (design stage)
  • Tuileries at De Bortoli via the newly constructed shared path along Murray + Drummond Streets
  • Scion Wine via an on-road trail along High Street and Slaughterhouse Road (design stage)

The Town Loop is indicated below in yellow.

Town Loop Map.png


February 2024 update

Construction of this project's shared pathways took another step closer to completion this week.

Works along Lord Street, Murray Street and Drummond Street are now mostly complete, with just some minor tidy up and finishing touches to be completed in the coming weeks. Directional signage will cover the entire Rutherglen Loops network and is yet to be completed. 

Design and planning approvals continue to progress for the remaining sections of the wider project.

New pathway surrounded by orange bunting
New pathway with roadway on left, a hedge and fence on the right


January 2024 Update

Construction of a number of shared pathways as part of this project is progressing well.

The widened section of the existing footpath along Murray Street is now concreted (with some minor works to tidy up to be completed in the coming days). 

Following this, works will then progress towards Drummond Street where a new shared path will connect the existing path to Main Street.

These works, including a crossing connection near High Street, are expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

New footpath running along road with green grass and orange bunting either side
Large machinery and trucks begin construction of new footpath


November 2023 update

Construction of the concrete shared path along Lord Street has commenced, with almost 400m of path now poured. Weather permitting, this section should be completed by mid-December connecting the existing bike trail along Hopetoun Road to the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.

This connection, along with a newly constructed cycle trail along Barkly Street (to be constructed early next year) will connect an approximately 4km trail loop taking cyclists and pedestrians from the Silos up and along Barkly Street, back down Hopetoun Road past the Wine Bottle and back into town via Lord Street.

Behind the scenes, authority approvals continue to progress. 

Next steps

  • Commence construction of remaining contracted works (pending authority approvals)
  • Notification with property owners adjacent the trail sections yet to commence construction
  • Continue detailed design and tender



New shared concrete path in residential area

October 2023 update

Project Update October 2023

Current Works

Council recently awarded three construction tenders to contractors to undertake the following stages;

  1. Murray Valley Highway Works & Crossings -4km of new off-road sealed trail along the tree line on the south side of the Murray Valley Highway between Campbelkls Wines and Lake Moodemere Estate.
  2. Main street West & Jacks Road -1.7km of new off road sealed trail along Jacks Road and Main Street West.  The trail along the Eastern Side of Jacks Road will now connect Andrew Buller Wines and Stanton & Killeen Wines to the Murray Valley Highway trail section.
  3. Rutherglen Shared Path - 1.3km of concrete shared path and widening of 300m of existing footpath.
Next steps

Over coming months Council's project Manager will

  • notifying property owners adjacent the trail sections when works are programmed
  • Continue authority approval process, detailed design and tender remaining works 
  • Commence construction of works

September 2023 update

Construction of the highly anticipated Rutherglen Loops Project will soon get underway with Council awarding two significant contracts valued at more than $1.66M.

O’Loughlin Excavations will construct the section of trail along the Murray Valley Highway road reserve, connecting Lake Moodemere Estate, Buller Wines, and Campbells Wines via a two-metre wide sealed shared trail. To ensure the safety of trail users, the design incorporates three secure crossing locations across the Murray Valley Highway and Federation Way.

The second contract, awarded to ATD Civil, is to expand and connect the existing footpath network

along Drummond Street, Murray Street and Lord Street in Rutherglen to allow cyclists and pedestrians to safely travel throughout the town. The works will also include a safe crossing point on the Murray Valley Highway near Tuileries.

Previously referred to as the Rutherglen Wine Walk Cycle Trail, this transformative project will breathe new life into the region's tourism and outdoor experiences.

Fully funded by a federal government grant of $5.1M, the project will promote walking and cycling tourism throughout the area while establishing a vital link between the existing Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and several renowned wineries and cellar doors.

Deputy Mayor, Bernard Gaffney says this significant investment will play a pivotal role in transforming the region into a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, showcasing the beauty of our environment, and fostering a deeper connection within our community.

“In addition to the recreational benefits, the Rutherglen Loops project will celebrate the region's culinary and viticultural strengths by facilitating easy access to nearby wineries through a 48km trail network suitable for pedestrians and cyclists of all skill levels,” he says.

Authority approvals are still being processed in conjunction with the considerations of these awarded contracts. Commencement of construction will be subject to the appropriate approvals being obtained.

There is also a third contract of works, that does not require councillor decision, that is expected to be awarded shortly. This package will include a two metre wide sealed shared trail along Jacks Road and Main Street West. These two sections of sealed trail will be connected by an on-road trail along Graham Lane. Environmental and engineering assessment have determined that an on-road trail is appropriate along Graham Lane to minimise environmental impact. 


Read more about this project



August 2023 update

Three construction tender packages have been released this week with the intention of engaging multiple contractors to complete sections of the trail concurrently. The tendered works include:

  • construction of concrete shared paths within Rutherglen to expand and connect the existing footpath network
  • construction of an off-road sealed cycle trail in the road reserves of Murray Valley Highway, Main Street West and Jacks Road

Consultation with stakeholders and approval authorities continue to progress, with these allowing for the path alignment to be finalised.


June 2023 update

We're making steady progress with the necessary preconstruction activities. The detailed design work has progressed, with a real focus on ensuring the retention of as much native vegetation as possible, and limiting the need for costly earthworks.   

Increased activity may be noticed in the area in the next few weeks, as consultants and contractors working on detailed assessments for cultural heritage, flora and fauna, and traffic impacts move around the proposed trail corridors.  The information they are collecting is necessary to ensure that we are limiting impacts from the project, and to provide safe road crossing arrangements for the trail.

Consultation with stakeholders and approval authorities continue to progress, with these allowing for the path alignment to be finalised and approved.


April 2023 update

We’ve appointed Red-gum Environmental Consulting to undertake the project’s cultural heritage and flora/fauna impact assessments. These assessments are expected to commence over the coming weeks and will help inform the trail construction, particularly for the sections surrounding Lake Moodemere.

A works package for the re-sealing of the existing trails is currently being finalised, with the tender expected to be released by the end of the month. Weather permitting, these re-sealing works are expected to be completed in the coming months.

Stakeholder engagement is currently in its final stages. 


February 2023 update

The project is currently in the design development phase with concept designs being prepared for initial review by Council and key stakeholders. Once this phase has been completed, designs will be prepared for more detailed discussion with community representatives and affected landowners.

Specialist studies and investigations are soon to commence and initial contact has been made with the approval agencies.


What will be the impact of these works?

The construction and upgrades to existing trails, paths and roadways will result in potential disruptions for residents and road and path users during the construction works. There may be times where path or road lane closures will be required during working hours to allow safe and efficient delivery.

We will endeavour to keep these interruptions as short as possible and will provide information on any extended interruptions via our weekly newsletter YOUR INDIGO and our Facebook Page. We ask that users take note of traffic control advisory signage and perhaps at certain times, seek alternative routes to avoid delays. 

Proposed trail sections

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Description: Update signage to existing sealed trail from Wine and Visitor Experience Centre to Wahgunyah

Distance: 8.5km along the alignment of the existing Springs-Wahgunyah rail trail.


Tommy McRae Track

Description: Update signage and complete repairs to existing sealed trail (as required) from Wahgunyah to Federation Bridge.

Distance: 3.3km


All Saints Connection

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail from Tommy McRae Track to All Saints Winery

Distance: 1.2km 


Connection through Wahgunyah

Description: Updated signage to existing sealed trail/concrete footpaths linking the existing Tommy McRae Track to the trails downstream of Willows Reserve

Distance: 700m


River Loops and Recreation Reserve Trails

Description: Update signage and complete repairs to existing sealed trails downstream of the Willows Reserve through to Hynes Road.

Distance: 6.3km


Kilborn Road to Cofield Wines

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail from the river loop to Cofield Wines via Kilborn Road Reserve

Distance: 700m


Hynes Road Connection to Lake Moodemere

Description: Updated signage to existing trail/tracks downstream of the Lake Moodemere Reserve

Distance: 1.3km


Pfeiffer Wines Connection

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail from the river loop to Pfeiffer Wines

Distance: 1.5km


McDonalds Road

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail South from Pfeiffer Wines along Anderson Road and joining into McDonald Road

Distance: 3km


Internal roads within Lake Moodemere Reserve

Description: Updated signage to existing tracks around Lake Moodemere

Distance: 4.7km


Lake Moodemere Estate to Campbells Wines

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail from McDonald Road and Lake Moodemere Estate, along the Murray Valley Highway, meandering through the existing tree line connecting to Buller and Campbells Wines.

Distance: 4km



Jacks Road

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail from Campbells Wines to Andrew Buller Wines on Jacks Road

Distance: 1.5km


Main Street West

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail returning to Rutherglen via Main St West past De Bortoli Wines, including an on-road trail along Graham Lane between Jacks Road and Killeens Road.

Distance: 2.3km


Barkly Street

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail extending the trail from the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail to Chambers Rosewood along Barkly Street

Distance: 1.3km


Hopetoun Road from Barkly Street to Murray Valley Highway

Description: This is trail is existing and takes pedestrians and cyclists along Hopetown Road from Barkly Street to the Murray Valley Highway, past the Wine Bottle.

Distance: 1.3km

Murray Street to Lord Street Rutherglen

Description: Expansion of the existing footpath network through Rutherglen from Murray Street to Lord Street.

Distance: 2.2km


Wicked Virgin Wines

Description: Proposed on-road trail (unsealed road) from existing rail trail to Wicked Virgin Wines

Distance: 600m


Jones and Anderson Wines extension south

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail connecting Anderson Wines and Jones Wines via Jones Road

Distance: 2km



Scion Wines

Description: Proposed off-road sealed trail from Rutherglen to Scion Wines (via High Street and Slaughterhouse Road)

Distance: 1.7km