What if I build without a permit?

Safety hat, hammer, ruler and pen on top of paperwork on a table

A building surveyor cannot legally provide a building permit for any construction after it has been built. 

Whenever Council discovers a building which would have required a permit but for which we have no record, the process is that an inspection is carried out and a Building Notice (Show Cause) or Building Order is issued.  There will be a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure the structure meets regulatory requirements including:

  • Prepare site and building plans
  • Prepare reports on energy rating, soil and structural engineering design
  • Bushfire construction requirements
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Slab requirements
  • Wall and roof framing
  • Damp proofing under concrete floors
  • Termite protection
  • Minimum ceiling heights.
  • Minimum Window sizes
  • Cooking, Laundry and Bathroom facilities.
  • Certificates of compliance for electrical, plumbing and glazing
  • Planning permission
  • Septic tank permission
  • Hard wired smoke alarms
  • Steps, landings and balustrades that meet code.

Given the complexity of these matters, it is strongly recommended that you consult a Building Surveyor (either Council or Private) and seek financial, building, planning and regulatory advice before making a decision.  It may not be cost effective.