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Council Funding Programs

We offer two grant streams for events, Tourism Events Grant and Community Events Grant.

Due to current circumstances we have decided to postpone the opening of these two funding rounds. Register your interest by using the below form, we will then email you once more information is available. Updated guidelines and application forms will be available at a later date.

Community Events Grant

Now in its second year the Community Events Grant program was developed to support community groups hosting events that align with the Council Plan but not necessarily other grant programs already available.

The total pool is $15,000 with events able to apply for up to $2000 each.

The objective of this funding program is to support community groups to ensure all residents are engaged in their community and have access to a range of recreational, social and cultural activities and events.

Further information on the application criteria can be found in the Community Events Grant Guidelines and Application Form.(PDF, 230KB)

Tourism Events Grant

The Tourism Events Grant program, previously known as the Indigo Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee Festival and Events Grant is a total pool of $30,000 with events able to apply for up to $6,000 in financial funding.

The program is very competitive and is designed to support events during their first three years before become self-sustainable.

The objective of this funding is to maximise economic outcomes for Indigo Shire through the attraction and support of new and innovative events. 

This will be achieved by supporting events that:

  • Grow the visitor economy through any of the following:
  • Increasing overnight stays
  • Increasing midweek visitation
  • Increasing off-peak visitation.

Attract new audiences to Indigo Shire through any of the following:

  • Developing an event that shows significant innovation from events that have been delivered in Indigo Shire before
  • Developing a new experience within an existing event to attract a new audience
  • Adding an element of creative appeal that has the potential to build the Indigo Shire brand through social and traditional media take up.

This stream also allow events to apply for in kind or logistics support. This can be used for:

  • Cost of road closures and/or traffic management
  • Waste management
  • Cleaning of council managed amenities
  • Event permit fees
  • Hire of additional amenities
  • Use of council managed buildings, parks or gardens
  • Use of Council Events Trailer

The Tourism Events Funding Guidelines(PDF, 798KB) further outline the application requirements, eligibility and support available to existing events.

Other Funding Opportunities

Other organisations have various funding programs available, these vary on the type of event and exact project you need funding for.
Examples include:

Support in applying for funding

Council can support your efforts in applying for event funding by writing letters of support and guidance on the project.
Please consider our Sponsorship and Grants Guide(PDF, 515KB) and contact Tourism Development Officer - Clare Rowland to discuss your project.