1. Overview

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3. Local law & permits

Advertising sign, goods for display & outdoor eating facility - Beechworth & Yackandandah(DOC, 368KB)(DOC, 329KB)

Advertising sign, goods for display & outdoor eating facility - Rutherglen & Chiltern(DOC, 329KB)(DOC, 328KB)

Advertising sign, goods for display & outdoor eating facility - Rest of shire(DOC, 328KB)

Place bulk rubbish container on road reserve(DOC, 281KB)

Place charitable collection bin on Council land(DOC, 304KB)

Permit to burn (residential area)(DOC, 287KB)

Events - Art & craft market(DOC, 281KB)

Events - Artistic activity - busking(DOC, 283KB)

Events - Circus or carnival(DOC, 282KB)

Events - Roadside street trading(DOC, 280KB)

Events - Street party, festival or procession(DOC, 318KB)

Street collection or raffle(DOC, 277KB)

Consumption of liquor in a public place(DOC, 281KB)

Horse drawn vehicle animal ride(DOC, 285KB)

Street stall or kiosk (Beechworth)(DOCX, 328KB)

Street stall or kiosk (Rutherglen & Chiltern)(DOCX, 293KB)

Street stall or  kiosk (Rest of shire)(DOCX, 293KB)

Use a loudspeaker in a public place(DOC, 283KB)

Use of a municipal reserve(DOC, 284KB)

Keep more than four different types of animals(DOC, 286KB)

Park a heavy vehicle in a residential zone(DOC, 284KB)

Drove livestock(DOC, 297KB)

Graze livestock on a road reserve(DOC, 286KB)

Keep a horse (residential)(DOC, 283KB)

Keep bees(DOC, 280KB)

Keep poultry (residential)(DOC, 283KB)

Registration of a premises as a domestic animal business (DOC, 283KB)

Renewal of permanent stock crossing(DOC, 286KB)

4. Community Liability Insurance

Community liability request(PDF, 725KB)