People of Beechworth Exhibition

I do dumb things


I can hit any ball for six


I believe in the power of education


I protect the town from disasters


I believe in the power of art and science


People of Beechworth is the Burke Museum’s exciting new long-term exhibition.

Focussing on the strength of the Beechworth community and its resilience in coming together over the past couple of years in the face of the Black Summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition centres around portrait photographs of ten Beechworth residents, and compares and contrasts their stories with the historical collections and personalities of the town.

Exploring themes such as Food and Culture, Volunteering, Sport, Chinese History and Gender Equity, the exhibition shows that history is not something confined to the past – it is being made every day.

The exhibition also features a portrait gallery of the many people who live and work in the town, with these images captured during a series of community open days in March 2022. 

The themes and stories are modular, and will change over time so if you have any suggestions for future people to feature after your visit, please let us know.

The exhibition has received funding from the Australian Government, as well as a donation from the family of Ern Hawking and by Indigo Shire Council.

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Photo credit: Erin Davis-Hartwig, Beechworth Photographers. 

I stand up for gender equality

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I believe in the power of service


I bring joy through food


I'm connected to my ancestors


I bring music to the community

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