Burning off

Rake pulling together pile of autumn leaves.

Many parts of Indigo Shire are prone to bush fires and you need a Local Law permit from Council before you can burn off in townships.  Follow the rules, respect your neighbours and the community.

Permit or not, you must not burn off on declared Total Fire Ban days.

What if I need to burn off?

Burning off in a township

  • You must have a Local Law permit from Council to burn off in the open in a township area.
  • A township area is defined as any land that is located in a residential area and developed mainly for housing or which abuts a road that has a speed of 60kmh or lower, including stream side reserve, public playground and sports ground. This does not include privately owned properties with an area greater than 3 acres.

Burning off outside a township

  • You do not need a Council local law permit to burn off in non-township areas outside of the declared fire danger period.
  • You should have public liability insurance to protect yourself in case of an accident.
  • You must register your burn (all burns must be registered in and out of the township area) with the CFA on 1800 668 511 and advise the operator that you're outside of the township area and you do not need a permit. This should occur at least 30 minutes before ignition.
  • This is so the CFA and emergency services are aware of your activities because often 000 is called when a fire is noticed.

Burning off on a roadside

  • Burning off on roadsides should only be conducted by the CFA through Region 24.

What happens if I don't follow the rules?

Council enforcement officers can fine you $500 under Local Law No.2. Our rangers are often made aware of illegal burning in towns. They will attend and issue fines accordingly.