Resources for Event Organisers


Event Management Toolkit 

We have developed a toolkit of resources to support you in planning your event. The first of which is our Event Planning Guide(PDF, 534KB) which is an A to Z handbook of all things your event may need.

Each resource has been designed to ensure you consider every requirement for your event. It is important that these documents are clearly formulated and maintained year on year to support future event committees. It is recommended that all event management documents are stored in a cloud based system to support changing event committees as they continue to grow the event.

Events Toolkit - 

Download the full kit here.(ZIP, 7MB)

In addition to the Events Toolkit organisers of events and festivals in Indigo Shire are encouraged to make use of the Guided Planning Tool provided by Business Victoria. The Guided Planning Tool will provide you with information tailored to your event, including:

  • permits that may be required to run your event
  • risk level estimate and applicable risk management suggestions
  • checklist of tasks and the details of who you should contact for further information

Once you have reviewed the toolkit please make an appointment with the Tourism Development team to answer any questions or seek support on the use of the toolkits.

Event-Permit-Application.docx(DOCX, 183KB)  


Place of Public Entertainment Permit (POPE)

Do you need to POPE Permit for your event?

A place of public entertainment is a building or place used or intended to be used for conducting public entertainment or a public meeting - being either of the following:

• A public assembly building of more than 500m2 or

• A place of more than 500m2, which may include the erection of a prescribed temporary structure being one of the following:

• A seating stand for more than 20 persons

• A marquee of more than 100m2

• A tent of more than 100m2

• A booth of more than 100m2

• A stage or platform of more than 150m2

Public Entertainment means an entertainment or meeting to which admission may ordinarily be gained by members of the public.

Answering the following questions will help you to determine if you need Place of Public Entertainment permit (POPE) for your event:

1.Will your event be held in a place >500m2 to which admission in charged? If yes, a place of public entertainment permit from the council may be required.

2. Will your event have:

a. Seating stands for more than 20 persons?

b. Tent or marquees with a floor area more than 100m2

c. Stage exceeding 150m2 in floor area? If yes, a place of public entertainment permit from the council may be required.

Exemptions: The regulations exempt community-based organisations from the requirements of an occupancy permit for place of public entertainment, if:

• The public entertainment is conducted in an outdoor recreational facility (e.g. football ground, park, reserves) greater than 500m2, and

• No temporary structures erected, and

• The number of persons in the place at any one time during the event or activity is less than 5000 persons.

Waste Management at Events

Council made a commitment to reducing or eliminating the use of plastic within Council operators and civic events as part of our Plasticwise Policy(DOCX, 188KB) .

To support the education of event committees and event attendees we have developed an Event Waste Management Template. This template will guide event managers to run events that are in line with the Plasticwise Policy and are actively working towards reducing their waste and in particular use of single us plastics.

The Event Waste Management Plan Template is available for you to download.
Event Waste Management Plan Template(DOCX, 36KB) 

The plan must be completed by all events that are:

  • Applying for an events permit
  • Applying for Council funding

Information on how to complete the template are in this document (PDF, 35KB)Event Waste Management Guide(PDF, 40KB)


Biodegradable packaging    

Reusable Crockery

Waste Management

For more information including signage visit HalveWaste.

Acknowledgement of Country

Many event organisers choose to acknowledge the traditional owners on the land in which the gathering is taking place. Indigo Shire was cared for by many traditional owner groups over its vast landscapes, therefore it is difficult to succinctly pay respect to an individual group.

For information on Acknowledgement of Country and an example, visit the following website:

Events Trailer

We have an events trailer with a range of equipment available for hire. There is no charge for the use of the trailer however you are liable for the safe return of the trailer. The trailer must be collected from the Indigo Shire Depot at 1 Radcliff Rd, Beechworth and returned on the Monday following the event.  The events trailer is subject to availability and you should book early to ensure it is available for your requested dates.

Hire Agreement Form(PDF, 225KB)

(PDF, 252KB)Event-Trailer-content-list-Nov-2022(PDF, 696KB)