Chiltern Athenaeum Restoration Project

  • Project typeConservation
  • Project value$278,687 (see funding breakdown below)
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date31 October 2022
Chiltern Athenaeum circa 1870.png

About this project

Restoration works were identified through an extensive building investigation and prioritisation of the works was made from both preservation and interpretation perspectives. A Living Heritage Grant and council contribution will fund the project.

Why is this project being undertaken and how is it being funded?

The Chiltern Athenaeum is of historical importance for its role in Victoria's goldmining history. The Chiltern district was one of the most important gold producing areas in the colony and the Athenaeum was the centre of local government activity in the region during this period. The building is in need of urgent repair and conservation to ensure its longevity, as an important community asset in Chiltern.

Funding contributor Amount
Grant funding (State) $120K
Grant funding (State) $21,773
Council $136,914
Total project budget $278,687


What is happening and when?

The works will be carried out in 3 stages over the next 12-15 months:

Stage 1 - August 2021 (3 – 4 Weeks)

  • Dampcourse Works, Damp Works, Tree Removal, Paint Removal.

Stage 2 - March 2022 (3 – 4 Weeks)

  • Brickwork Desalination

Stage 3 – July to October 2022 (10 – 12 weeks)

  • Brick Repairs, Roof & Roof Plumbing Works, Plaster repairs, Door/ Window Repairs.

October 2021 Update

Stage 1 works are complete and included:

  • Damp course work to prevent moisture penetrating the structure
  • Installation of a perimeter surface drain to divert water away from the building
  • Removal of modern finishes to the front façade

Removal of the finishes to the front façade revealed hand painted signage from the buildings early life and two different early colour schemes. Further investigation and discussion with Heritage Victoria is to be carried out to confirm the appropriate restoration strategy.

Chiltern Athenaeum 1 - October Update.jpg   Chiltern Athenaeum 3 - October Update.jpg



What will be the impact of these works?

The Athenaeum will be closed to the public for some of the works.




57 Conness Street, Chiltern 3683  View Map

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