Upcoming changes to your waste and recycling services

Rubbish collection truck coming down a street

In 2021, the Victorian Government Legislated that household waste recycling be standardised across the State.

Consistent separation of household waste will reduce waste to landfill and increase recycling. It will also increase the quality of recycled material produced for reuse.

All Victorian households will get access to services for four waste and recycling streams. This includes separate streams for glass, food organics and garden organics (FOGO), mixed recyclables and household rubbish.

This will be a staged approach over several years.

The main change for Indigo Shire residents will be the introduction of a separate glass recycling system and we're currently determining how and when that will be provided to best meet community needs.

Check back here for updates.

For more information, you can also check the Victorian Government's website.

Container Deposit Scheme

In addition to the upcoming changes to Victoria's recycling services, a container deposit scheme (CDS) for drink containers will be introduced in Victoria in 2023.

The scheme will increase the recycling of drink cans, bottles and cartons and reduce Victoria’s litter by up to half.

A 10c refund will be provided for all eligible returned containers and residents will be able to keep the refund or nominate a charity or community group to receive the refund.

A variety of recycling opportunities may be available to residents including: reverse vending machines, drop off points, and collection drives and having an accessible and convenient network of collection points is central to the design of Victoria’s CDS.

Charities, sporting clubs and community groups can benefit from the scheme by receiving refunds, running collection drives or operating drop off points.

The scheme will run by a State Government appointed coordinator and be funded by the beverage industry.

Find more information on the Victorian Government's website.