Firewood Collection


Roadside firewood is an affordable fuel source and may also reduce fuel loads in the event of a bush fire. These benefits need to be balanced with risks including:

  • Impacts to biodiversity: road reserves are important habitat for native species, and fallen dead logs provide habitat for native fauna.
  • Spread of weeds: inadequate weed hygiene practices can result in the spread of weeds from one road reserve to other areas where the weed might not have been established.
  • Occupational health and safety risks to people collecting firewood, e.g. through operating chainsaws.
  • Traffic hazards from vehicles and people operating the road reserve.
  • Amenity impacts to residents adjacent to the collection area.

The season for collecting firewood is currently closed.

Please note, to be eligible to collect firewood from an Indigo Shire Council road, you must be a resident of Indigo Shire.

Which roads can I collect firewood from and which roads are off limits?

You can apply for a firewood collection permit on any Indigo Shire roadside, except those listed in the table below.

No collection is permitted on roads managed by Regional Roads Victoria (RRV). To view the roads managed by Regional Roads Victoria, click here.

The table below of roads where firewood collection is not permitted are critical conservation value roads, and other Indigo Shire managed roads that are deemed unsafe or otherwise unsuitable for firewood collection.

All other roads in most cases allow for firewood collection.

View the list of permitted roads

Authorised Council officers will assess each application taking into consideration other works that may be going on at the time. No firewood collection will be permitted on roads that are classified as high or critical conservation value.  

No firewood collection roads (you must nominate specific roads for collection that are not the roads below):



Fishers Road

Mantelli Road

Rileys Road

Bests Road

Beck Lane

Curtins Road

Barnawartha Road

Mt Pleasant Road

Laurie Lane

Hall Road

Barnawartha Depot Road

Taylors Bridge Road

Cookinburra Road

Shelleys Road


Indigo Post Office Road

Gorge Road

Old Howlong Road

Old Coach Road

Mountain View Track

Reedy Creek Road


Woolshed Road

Gooramadda road

Old Coach Road

Mt Ochtertyre Road

Ressom Lane


Bartsh Road

Gundowring road

Library Road

Indigo Valley:

Three Mile Gravel Pits Road

Jessies Lane

Fighting Gully Road

Kopshoffe Lane

Lawrie Road

Watchbox Road

Lady Newton Drive

Long Gully Road

Six Mile Road

Cheeseleys Road

Tully Road

Chiltern Yackandandah Rd

Malakoff Road

Indigo Valley road

Flat Rock Road

Bald Hill Road

Old Tannery Road

McSweens Road

Boyd Lane


Sheep Station Creek Road

Diffeys Road

Atkinson Lane

Edgars Road

Duncans Lane

Sheridans Bridge Road

Old Wooragee Road

Kings Road

Old Chiltern Road

Jacks Road

Toveys Road


Norm Road

Escort Bridge Road

Alma Road

Briggs Road

Green Wattle Road

Keller Lane

Rhodes Lane

Bullers Road

Gladstones Road

Kings Road

Woolshed road

McPhersons Road


Boorhaman East Road

Boundary Road

Moodemere Road

Boorhaman East Road

Hiskins Road

Kellys Road

Jacksons Road

Dugays Bridge Road

Paris Road

  West Boundary Road

Parolas Road


Brimin Road

O'Donoghues Road

Up River road

Hynes Road

Browns plains:

Kilborn Road

Fernbank Road

Hallens Road

Old Howlong Road

Walsh Road

Douglas Road

Hedricks Road

Indigo Goormadda Road

Lilliput Norong Road

Haynes Road

Potters Lane

Fernbank Road

Jones Road

Chiltern-Howlong Road

Police Paddocks Road


Slaughterhouse Road

Savage Road

Hogans Road

Shaws Flat Road

Herrins Road

Eggleston Road

Parkins Road


Gales Lane

Chiltern-Yackandandah road

Bullers Road

Greens Lane

Sandy creek:

Deep Creek Road

Bryant’s gap road

Lancashire Gap Road


Black Dog Creek Road

Hurdle Flat Road

Masons Gap Road

Lake Kerferd Road

North Road

Europa Gully Road

Cemetery Road

Little Scotland Road

Waterloo Road

Griffiths Lane

Anderson Street

Johnson Road

Magenta Road

Chambeyron Road

Suffolk Street

Hellhole Creek Road

Brick Kiln Road

Besley Lane

North Road

Duffy Lane

Chiltern Barnawartha Road

Circular Creek Road

Magenta Road

Gales Road

Chiltern Yackandandah Road

Stanley-Myrtleford road

Chiltern Yackandandah Road

Craig Road

Old Cemetery Road


West Triangle Road

Moloneys Road

Sanderson Road

McFeeters Road

East Triangle Road

Reids Way

Mt Barambogie Road

Reids Way

Old Coach Road

McGuinness Lane

Barambogie Road

Warden Lane

Settlers Road

Warden Lane

Water Trust Road


Rogers Lane


Pine Road

No. 1 Road

Chiltern-Barnawartha road

Twist Creek Road

Chiltern valley:

Bruarong Lane

Back Springhurst Road

Johnson Lane

Chiltern Valley Road

Back creek road

Marengos Road

Back Creek Road

Chiltern Valley Road

Schmidt Lane

Pit Road

Osbourne’s Flat road

Wenkes Road

Racecourse road

Railway Access Road

Allan’s Flat road

Marengos Road

Sanitorium road



O'Keefes Road

Carlyle Road



How do I get a permit and how much does it cost?

You can apply using the Firewood Collection permit application form.

Include the specific roads and sections that you propose to undertake the collection on, referring to the table of permitted roads. Only Indigo Shire managed roads are applicable to firewood collection applications. Only Indigo Shire residents can apply.

You can submit the form to or in person at one of our customer service centres.

Permit Fees

  • Standard: $25.50
  • Pensioner: $15.30


When are firewood collection seasons?

Firewood collection seasons are usually:

  • 1 March to 30 June
  • 1 September to 30 November

However, the opening and closing dates may be modified based on conditions and consultation with the CFA.

DELWP also offer designated firewood collection areas on crown land, check the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) wesbite for further information.



Community firewood access

From time to time our operations team clears trees that are suitable for firewood, as a result the Indigo Shire has established a Community Woodlot. The Community Woodlot has been operating since 2007 in partnership with the Beechworth Correctional Centre to provide a source of low-cost firewood for Indigo Shire pensioners and concession cardholders.

Due to prisoner team time constraints it is difficult to facilitate distribution over the whole of the Shire area and direct delivery is not guaranteed.  However recipients can arrange for collection from those depots where the wood is prepared.   If you are part of a community organisation that would like to assist in helping with the distribution of wood within your local community, please contact us.