Carlyle Cemetery

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Established in 1865, Carlyle Cemetery sits on six acres of Crown Land, with an additional six acres aside for future growth. Indigo Shire Council provides the management and administrative support services and the Councillors of the Shire are the Cemetery Trust Trustees.  

In August 2020, Council adopted a strategic plan for the long-term care and management of the Carlyle Cemetery, a Class B Cemetery Trust. 

Although only Class A cemeteries are required to develop strategic plans under the Victorian Government’s Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 and Regulations 2005 (amended 2015), the development of a long term strategic plan enables the trust to perform its roles and functions efficiently and effectively, and respond in an appropriate and strategic manner to the changing demands and conditions. 

It recognises the important role Council plays as custodians of the Carlyle Cemetery as an important community asset. Council's vision, as supported by the strategic plan, is to provide a peaceful, respectful resting place for loved ones; a place for our community and visitors to reflect and recognises the important historical and cultural significance of Carlyle Cemetery.

Current Facilities and Areas of Historical Significance


Lawn Section

In 1984 the Rutherglen Lions Club put forward a proposal to establish a Lawn Cemetery with the first interment taking place on 26 August 1992. This portion of the cemetery is non-denominational and is utilised for the majority of interments. The Law section currently consists of 3 beams with a total of 344 interments with 30 spaces. 

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Monumental Section

 The Monumental Section refers to the original sections of the cemetery which is divided into the following compartments:
  • Church of England
  • Presbyterian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Wesleyan

These sections of the cemetery are still in use but only by those people who have previously purchased plots. 



Columbarium Wall: First Wall

The Rutherglen Lions Club in partnership with the Rutherglen Council erected a columbarium wall and this was first used in March 1981. This wall is still in use but only by those who have previously reserved a niche. 

Columbarium Wall 1.png


Columbarium Wall: Second Wall

 In late 2013 Indigo Shire Council, with the support of the Rutherglen Cemetery Foundation, erected a second niche wall. There are currently 21 interments and reserved niches in this wall, with another 59 spaces.

Columbarium Wall 2.png


Jewish Section

This section of the cemetery is closed to further burials.  There are only six recorded Jewish burials at Carlyle Cemetery.   

Jewish Section.png

Chinese Section

There were two burning towers erected in 1897 of which one original remains. In the 1970s, the other was re-erected by the Rutherglen Lions Club. Forty known Chinese are buried alongside these towers from 1881 to 1928. The existing memorial stones are footstones, not headstones.

Chinese Section.png


Monument to Chinese Burials

 In 2019 a monument to the Chinese people buried in the cemetery was donated and installed by the Victorian Chinese Memorial Foundation. This memorial displays the names of all known Chinese buried.

Monument to Chinese.png



Built in 1903 by George Ashton the rotunda is of octagonal shape with a diameter of 20 feet and was first refurbished under the supervision of the Rutherglen Lions Club in the mid-2000s. The Rotunda was repainted at the time of the installation of the Victory Cross unveiling on Remembrance Day 2018 with grant funding acquired by the Indigo Shire Council. 


Victory Cross, Plaque and Flag Pole

Erected in 2018 for the 100-year anniversary of Armistice by the Returned Serviceman League Rutherglen Sub Branch.

Victory Cross.png

Lone Pine

Donated by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria Crematoria to commemorate the Centenary of Gallipoli and the First World War, a Lone Pine Tree was gifted along with a small bronze plaque to the Carlyle Cemetery in 2015 and planted in October 2018.

Lone Pine.png