three LGTBIQA+ young people

Indigo Shire Council has long been committed to supporting, affirming, and celebrating LGBTQIA+ young individuals throughout their Shire.

Recent studies highlight the persisting issues affecting LGBTQIA+ individuals in our society: 

  • Victorians residing in outer suburban, regional, and rural areas report higher rates of psychological distress compared to those in inner city areas.
  • 78% of students and teachers in regional and rural areas have reported regular negative comments targeting LGBTQIA+ individuals (Minus 18 Queer Out Here Report 2020)
  • Studies have shown that appropriate support and protective policies can significantly enhance their safety, with a 30% increase in feelings of security and a nearly 50% decrease in discriminatory experiences (T. Jones).
  • 9.4% of young LGBTQIA+ Victorians have attempted suicide within the past 12 months.
  • Social exclusion affects 36.4% of LGBTQIA+ individuals, particularly those in outer suburban, regional, and rural areas.
  • A staggering 58% of LGBTQIA+ Victorians have encountered unfair treatment based on their sexual orientation.

 We proudly support our LGBTQIA+ young people through the following programs and events:


Rainbow Connection social groups

In 2016, Indigo Shire Council established a LGBQTQIA+ social group called Rainbow Connection, providing support for isolated rural Same Sex Attracted and Gender Diverse young people. Its aim is to provide participants with connection to local support services, provide a safe place where young people who identify as LGBTIQA+ or who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender can get together and enjoy organised activities and events.

Rainbow Connection strives to transform these statistics and empower LGBTQIA+ youth in Beechworth and Rutherglen. By creating a supportive community and advocating for inclusivity, the initiative aims to promote acceptance, understanding, and a brighter future for all LGBTQIA+ young people.

These groups will be open for young people to join at any time. Meetings will be held fortnightly. 

For more information get in touch with our Youth Officer at

North East Pride Collective Network and The Rainbow Ball

The NEPC's vision is about celebrating and respecting individuality and inclusion for diverse identities within the LGBTIQA+ community.

Our primary goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment, including the Rainbow Ball, for our youth to thrive. The Rainbow Ball, created in 2019 in Indigo Shire, broke down many a flood gate of previously silent support, turned into real and public action.

The Ball's 2023 edition will be held in the Rural City of Wangaratta. 

Drag'd Out Festival

Local Beechworth pubs, The Empire and The Nicholas created a colourful pride event in November 2022. 

In a partnership with the event organisers, we brought "Camp Street Party" to Beechworth as an all-ages event part of Drag's Out Festival. The event was held on Friday 18 November 2022 and brought together young people from all across Northeast Victoria. 
Disco, art making activities, performances and fun and educational games facilitated by CERSH were enjoyed by over 70 LGTBIQA+ young people and allies. 

Drag'd Out Beechworth 2023 will be a four-day festival held on 16 to 19 November.

LGBTIQA+ Support Resources

QLife between 3pm – 12am

T: 1800 184 527 

Rainbow Door between 10am – 5pm

T: 1800 729 367 or M: 0480 017 246 

Lifeline 24/7 crisis support 

T: 13 11 14 

WayOut Wodonga - Gateway Health

WayOut Wodonga works with and for LGBTQIA+ young people under the age of 25 years.
They are committed to providing opportunities that help young people feel safe, connected and celebrated.