three LGTBIQA+ young people

We have long been committed to supporting, affirming, and celebrating LGBTQIA+ young individuals throughout our Shire.

Recent studies highlight the persisting issues affecting LGBTQIA+ individuals in our society: 

  • Victorians residing in outer suburban, regional, and rural areas report higher rates of psychological distress compared to those in inner city areas.
  • 78% of students and teachers in regional and rural areas have reported regular negative comments targeting LGBTQIA+ individuals (Minus 18 Queer Out Here Report 2020)
  • Studies have shown that appropriate support and protective policies can significantly enhance their safety, with a 30% increase in feelings of security and a nearly 50% decrease in discriminatory experiences (T. Jones).
  • 9.4% of young LGBTQIA+ Victorians have attempted suicide within the past 12 months.
  • Social exclusion affects 36.4% of LGBTQIA+ individuals, particularly those in outer suburban, regional, and rural areas.
  • A staggering 58% of LGBTQIA+ Victorians have encountered unfair treatment based on their sexual orientation.

 LGTBQIA+ Support

QLife between 3pm – 12am

T: 1800 184 527 

Rainbow Door between 10am – 5pm

T: 1800 729 367 or M: 0480 017 246 

Lifeline 24/7 crisis support 

T: 13 11 14 

WayOut Wodonga - Gateway Health

WayOut Wodonga works with and for LGBTQIA+ young people under the age of 25 years.
They are committed to providing opportunities that help young people feel safe, connected and celebrated.