Creative Indigo - Arts and Culture Strategy


Indigo is a creative community where the arts are celebrated and supported. 

We recognise the strong community wellbeing, economic and tourism benefits of a creative Shire.

Indigo Shire has made a commitment to support our creative communities in our 2021 - 2025 Council Plan with a key action to develop an Arts Strategy for Indigo Shire and progress key priorities. 

In October 2021 Council finalised the composition of the Arts Strategy Steering Committee by appointing five community members.

The Steering Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Indigo Shire Councillor: Deputy Mayor Peter Croucher
  • Indigo Shire Councillor: Cr Diane Shepheard
  • Community Representative: Beck Palmer
  • Community Representative: Chris McGorlick
  • Community Representative: Erin Davis Hartwig
  • Community Representative: Kellie Sutherland
  • Community Representative: Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury
  • Murray Arts Representative: Susan Reid
  • Regional Arts Victoria Representative: Malcolm Sanders
  • Indigo Shire Council Officer - Manager Community Development - Carlene Lamanna
  • Indigo Shire Council Officer - Creative Communities Coordinator - Penelope McGufficke
  • Indigo Shire Council Officer - Economic Development & Investment Coordinator -Jayne Moloney
  • Indigo Shire Council Officer - Manager Tourism - Susannah Doyle  

The Steering Committee will oversee the development of the Strategy. 

December 2022 Update

At its December meeting, Council endorsed the Draft Creative Indigo 2023 -2027 for the purposes of public exhibition.

After extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community, we're now inviting the community to review and provide feedback on this important plan for our communities. 

The DRAFT Creative Indigo Strategy is now on public exhibition. Click here to view the strategy and to make a submission.

May/June 2022 Update

A big thankyou to everyone who came to one of our in-person or online workshops, your contribution is vital to the creation of the strategy. 

Following the workshops, the Steering committee met with Future Tense to discuss the key findings from the survey and the workshop sessions.

Future Tense is now in the process of creating the Draft Strategy which will go to Council for review in the coming months.


April 2022 Update

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the Artist Practitioner survey, your contribution is so valuable and will help us identify what key areas creatives would like us to focus on in creating the Arts Strategy. If you have not filled out the survey please do so here.

Consultant Leith Thomas from Future Tense met with the Councillors and outlined our plans for in-person engagement, which will take place in May. 

For details on the public workshops please click here.

March 2022 Update

The Steering Committee has met with Future Tense and signed off on the project plan. The first stage is a survey of artists living in the Shire. Creative practitioners of all kinds are invited to share their perspectives and hopes for the future.

Find out more.

The results of the survey will be used as part of a health check of the Shire’s creative communities. It will also set up wider public consultations that will take place in late April and May.


February 2022 Update

Future Tense was appointed as the successful tenderer to lead the Arts Strategy development in consultation with the steering committee.

An inception meeting will be held with the steering committee in the coming weeks to begin the the development process which includes confirming the goals for the project, community engagement and timelines.

January 2022 Update

A steering committee meeting was held in January to review the committee scoring of all Request for Tenders received. The committee determined a preferred applicant and Council is currently appointing this consultant.  An announcement will be made once the contract has been finalised. 















If you would like to be kept up to date on the development of the Arts Strategy and be contacted by us when we are seeking community feedback please sign up below.