Indigo Community Access Committee

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The Indigo Community Access Committee (ICAC) has been established to provide advice to Council on a range of issues relating to disability; including access, equity, justice and community awareness. 

ICAC is made up of community members and Council staff from across the Shire who are passionate about access and equity.  People with lived experience of disability, including carers and those living with a disability, are actively encouraged to join the committee.  ICAC ensures that the voices of those with insights and experience inform Council planning decisions to make Indigo Shire an accessible community for all.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets at 1pm on the second Monday of the month, at the Yackandandah Council Office or designated on-site locations and by Zoom. Meetings are open to the public - to attend a Zoom meeting, please click on the below link and enter the meeting ID and password.

Meeting ID: 833 7767 3812
Passcode: 170257


Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • September 12 2022
  • October 10 2022
  • November 14 2022
  • December 12 2022


October Meeting Update

At this month's meeting in Beechworth, the committee reviewed the following issues:

  • List of where vulnerable people gather – this is a record that helps Council and emergency services identify where there are more likely to be vulnerable people, including children, frail-aged and people with disabilities, for emergency planning. ICAC is advising Council of any additional locations that need to be included.
  • Shire-wide infrastructure tool – this tool identifies physical barriers to access and inclusion across the Shire. ICAC regularly records issues and also conducts site visits to assess the severity of the access issue so it can work with the infrastructure department to improve accessibility. In November, ICAC will be going on-site in Rutherglen to review some footpath and curb-ramp issues.


Pictured left to right: Committee members Lindsay Jarvis, Sue Royle, Anne Hanson, Kate O’Toole, Jennifer Birthisel, Cr Peter Croucher, Jan Toner, Lannelle Bailey, Peter Royle and Zoe Gephart at Bridge Road Brewers for their most recent ICAC meeting. Absent – Cr Sophie Price 

November Meeting Update

The monthly advisory committee meeting was held on-site in Rutherglen where access concerns were assessed with the curb-ramps, accessible parking, seating, signage and safe crossing points on High Street in the vicinity of Glenview, Rutherglen Medical centre and Rutherglen Kindergarten. The access issues have been feedback to the relevant Council officers for review.

The committee have been following the progress of the path sealing at Queen Victoria Park, Beechworth and the Lake Sambell south-side redevelopment with keen interest. A comprehensive update was provided By the project manager, as well as an update on the new tactile markers in Beechworth.

The committee are very pleased to officially welcome Zoe Gephart as the newest member and the eighth community committee member. Zoe works for Indigo North Health and is able to provide the perspective from that side of the Shire, which had been formerly missing.

Jenny Birthisel requested that an Acknowledgement of Country be included at the beginning of each meeting. This will now be considered at a governance level for all committees.

There was extensive discussion on the most suitable location for a Changing Places facility in Indigo Shire. The committee provided their feedback and a decision will be made by Council by the close of the month. A Changing Places facility would ensure that residents and visitors with high support needs could become better included in Indigo Shire life.

The December meeting will be held at Tangambalanga at the Lion’s Den.

December Meeting Update

The committee met in Tangambalanga at the Lion's Den, where we had an opportunity to review the issues with access at the building. The Lion's Den is used by 13 community groups and there are ongoing issues with access into the building and into the accessible toilet. The committee are looking at ways to work with council to improve community access for all.

Other topics discussed were accessible parking in Rutherglen, High street and the Beechworth IGA; agenda setting for 2022; Emergency Relief Centres and planning for people with additional needs; the Access for All Abilities Program application for adaptive cycles in Indigo; collaboration with Wodonga Council about accessible town centres; morning swimming in Yackandandah; footpaths in Tangambalanga, and the Good Access = Good Business program.

The replacement of the existing accessible water fountain in Camp Street, Beechworth with a model that does not meet Australian Standards was examined and a motion was moved:

"The Indigo Community Access Committee do not support the installation of equipment that does not meet the minimum compliance standards. The ICAC advise that Council should seek to exceed the standard and provide the most accessible equipment to our community. Any design to replace the existing DDA compliant water fountain on Camp Street, Beechworth, must meet AS1428."

February 2022 Meeting Update

The ICAC met at Billson's Brewery in Last Street, Beechworth. They were able to review the access improvements that Billson's have made over the last few years, as well as welcome them into the Good Access = Good Business program.

Issues discussed included:

  • Design and cost of an accessible fountain that also has a heritage look at Camp and Ford Streets, Beechworth. The modern fountain currently installed in this location meets all accessibility requirements and cost approximately $3,000 to install. The faux-heritage fountain proposed would cost approximately $10,000 as it would need need to be designed and cast. The ICAC approved the design but not the cost.
  • An update for the the lake Sambell south side redevelopment and the Queen Victoria Park path sealing was given, with the news that an accessible path to the bird hide at the lake being well received.
  • Planning was undertaken for 2022, with a focus on reviewing town centres for accessibility. This is a Council Plan action and a Disability Action Plan action. 
  • Good Access = Good Business - the ICAC to speak with the head office for the three IGA supermarkets in Chiltern, Beechworth and Yackandandah to see if more headway can be made around accessibility in all three supermarkets.

March 2022 Meeting Update

This month, ICAC met at the Rutherglen pool to review some access improvements requested by a local resident, following this, the meeting was then held in the Rutherglen library and council offices, where the following topics were discussed:

  • Accessibility for all Indigo pools - improving the visual cues at pools for people with low vision, as well as exploring the best practice for pool entry for people with physical disabilities.
  • Options for accessible fountains that fit with heritage style in Beechworth, and other towns with a heritage overlay, continued to be discussed. 
  • Proposed design for the outdoor seating installation in Star Lane, Beechworth, was examined with the ICAC unhappy about a booth style seating due to the limitations this provides for people with mobility impairment. Suggestions for more accessible seating styles were provided.
  • Good Access = Good Business program - update provided on the program with Billson's Brewery continuing to make more improvements.
  • Sporting facilities and access - discussions were held on options for improving access in our sporting clubs and plans made for the Recreation officer and the Ageing Well officer to audit facilities over the coming years, with ICAC to advise on improvements needed.
  • Improved access for footpaths and rubbish bins, particularly for people using wheelchairs.
  • Celebrating people with disabilities and exploring ways to include Dylan Alcott in an Indigo event.
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April 2022 Meeting Update

This month's Indigo Community Access Committee meeting was held in Yackandandah where the committee reviewed the four year plan and made a few additions to ensure there is an achievable, relevant work list for the coming years. 
The recent Good Access = Good Business visit at Billsons was discussed as well as the staff development plans Billsons has scheduled to improve visitor experience for those with accessibility needs.







Current Committee Members

Councillors: Cr Sophie Price (Chair), Cr Peter Croucher (Chair).

Community Members: Lindsay Jarvis, Susan Royle, Peter Royle, Anne Hanson, Lannelle Bailey, Jennifer Birthisel, Jan Toner and Zoe Gephart.

Council Officers: Manager Community Development - Carlene Lamanna

Secretariat: Ageing Well Officer, Kate O’Toole (please contact Kate if you would like more information on this committee)



Terms of Reference - Indigo Community Access Committee(PDF, 185KB)