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The Collection:

Library~Volumes: Approx 4000

Collection span: 1820s-1970s

Special Collections: Historical Books, Geoffrey Francis Craig Local History and Community Archives. Books of authors Ada Cambridge (1844-1926), and runs of those titles of Ethel Turner (1872-1958) and Alan Marshall (1902-84); Athenaeum archive and memorabilia, including borrowing cards; archives of community organisations, including CWA; Fruitgrowers’ Association; geological specimen collection;

Research and Archives:

The Geoff Craig Local History Collection and Stanley Community Archives are available for researchers for local history, family history and access to the historic book collection.

Current Exhibition - showing until April 2022:

 ‘Around the World in Eighty Maps: The Philips' Imperial Atlas of the World 1890.'   

The arrival in Stanley June 1890 of this impressive 'Philips' Imperial Atlas of the World' from England would have been as exciting and equivalent to the arrival of 'Google maps'. It created a 'window on the world' and has been frequently visited, well used and loved by the Stanley community during its life of 130 years in the library.

The 'Around the World in Eighty Maps' exhibition tells the story of how the atlas arrived at the library, how Robert Craig is instrumental in the purchase of this significant volume, reflecting the aspirations of the newly elected library committee, their vision and optimism for the library and Athenaeum for the future, buoyed by the prosperity of Victoria and the reign of 'Marvellous Melbourne'.

The 'series of eighty maps illustrating every aspect of geographical science', with its lofty ambitions, was based on engravings from 'original drawings compiled from the latest works of eminent travellers and explorers'. The 'Philips' Imperial Atlas of the World' at the Stanley Athenaeum is a rarity, being one of only two known copies in public collections in Australia and one of eight copies in worldwide collections.

Publications available:

‘Fire on the Plateau’, by Jacqui Durrant 2019, $30

'Stanley Times and Mining Journal', Geoff Craig, 2018, 4th edition. $30

'Historical Archaeology of Water Management at Beechworth', (Turnbull, Davies, Lawrence) Messmate Press, Melbourne 2015.  $35.

A range of attractive cards featuring the beautiful Stanley area and others inspired by the collection (various prices).







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