Archaeology find in Beechworth deemed important

Published on 19 November 2020

Arch 1.png

The granite crossover found at the site of the footpath works in Ford Street, Beechworth has been deemed important and could potentially contribute to the precinct’s cultural values.

Indigo Shire Council Heritage Advisor, Deborah Kemp has advised that the granite stones should be retained for cataloguing and further assessment.

Located between a former entrance of the Freeman B&B and Ford Street, the find is within the setting of the Justice Precinct and in an area of state and national significance.

The design and construction of the crossover is similar to other surviving crossovers in Beechworth and it provides further evidence of the character of the town and the heritage precinct.

Preserving this piece of history is a priority for Indigo Shire Council, however, the time required to further investigate the archaeological find will mean additional disruption to traders as they head into the busy Christmas period.

Expert advice has recommended that Council workers temporarily re-cover the crossover to provide a safe surface for the busy holiday period which in turn will also protect the existing stones.

The temporary cover can then be easily removed in 2021 as further investigative works are undertaken to determine the best way to preserve the exciting find.




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