Organisations unite to form Indigo Local Safety Committee

Published on 29 July 2022

Indigo Local Safety Committee.png

Organisations from across the North East have joined forces to form a committee dedicated to improving community safety within Indigo Shire.

The Indigo Local Safety Committee, made up of representatives from Wodonga Police, Indigo Shire Council, a number of state government organisations and local community groups launched today in Beechworth when it met for its inaugural meeting.

Local Safety Committees (LSC) are an initiative developed by Victoria Police and form a key part of the Victoria Police Neighbourhood Policing Framework, which refocuses local police on community engagement and grassroots policing.

Senior Sergeant Shane Martin from Wodonga Police says that Local Safety Committees are a local multi-agency partnership and provide the opportunity to work closer together to improve community safety.

“Through this committee, we’ve established a forum for community members, groups and local organisations to refer safety issues to delegates for consideration and action.” Senior Sergeant Martin says.

Local Safety Committees also present the opportunity for members to discuss and develop local crime prevention strategies and advocate to the relevant levels of government and community sectors to source the resources required to support innovative crime prevention solutions.

Indigo Shire Mayor Bernard Gaffney says the establishment of an LSC for Indigo is critical to ensure that conversations about local issues are kept local.

“The Indigo LSC is the opportunity for us to take a tailored approach to local crime and safety issues. By working closely with our partners in the Indigo and North East region, we can aim to address local issues at a local level.”

“We’re pleased to have an established framework in which we can keep core community issues on the table and at the front of mind of the relevant organisations.” Cr Gaffney said.

The Indigo LSC will meet quarterly.


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