2020 Election Campaign Donation Returns - Summary

Candidate Name Gift Disclosure
(who gift was from)
 Jenny O’Connor    Nil
 Emmerick Teissl    Nil
 Roberta Horne    Nil
 Troy Dillon    Return not provided
 Sue Gold    Nil
 Peter Watkins    Nil
 Kate Sutherland    Nil
 Sheila Rademan    Nil
 Remo Parente    Nil
 Larry Goldsworthy    Nil
 Frank McLoughlin    Nil
 Peter Croucher    Nil
 Neil Funston    Nil
 Sophie Price    Nil
 John Harvey    Nil
 Diane Shepheard    Nil
 Carol Lenaz    Nil
 Bernard Gaffney    Nil
 Geoffrey Palmer    Nil


Local Government Act 2020

Division 10—Election campaign donations 

306 Return by candidate 

(1) Within 40 days after election day, a person who was a candidate in the election must give an election campaign donation return to the Chief Executive Officer. 

(2) An election campaign donation return must— 

     (a) be in the prescribed form; and 

     (b) contain the prescribed details in respect of any gifts received during the donation period by or on behalf of the candidate, to be used for or in connection with the election campaign, the amount or value of which is equal to or exceeds the gift disclosure threshold.

307 Responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer

(2) The Chief Executive Officer must ensure that, within 14 days after the period specified in section 306(1), a summary of each election campaign donation return given to the Chief Executive Officer under section 306 is made available on the Council's Internet site.