Kiewa Valley Bowling Club Resurfacing (Completed 2023)

  • Project typeRenewal
  • Project value$180,000
  • Project scheduleComplete
New bowling green at Kiewa Valley Bowling Club

The Kiewa Valley Bowls Club is located at Coulston Park in Tangambalanga and is an important facility for physical activity and community connection.

The new surface is a synthetic woven carpet similar to the older surface and now meets all specifications to Australian Bowls Standards.

Why was this project undertaken and how was it funded? 

The current surface was due for renewal after 11 years in place as some parts of the surface had worn to such an extent that it is becoming unplayable. 

The club had budgeted for the renewal and contributed $50,000 to the works, with the balance provided from our assets renewal funding in the 2022-23 Capital Works Program.

Funding contributor  Amount 
Kiewa Valley Bowling Club $50,000 
Indigo Shire Council $130,000 

What happened and when?

27 July 2023 update

The recent sunny weather has allowed for the final touches to be carried out on the greens, which brings these works to completion.

New bowling green at Kiewa Valley Bowling Club

14 July 2023

Despite the wet weather, the new synthetic carpet has been now been laid, bringing this project to near completion.

The final step is adding the new ditch grass to the surrounds, which will be completed once there is a little sunshine to dry it out.

New synthetic bowling green surface installed


30 June 2023

Preparation works for the new synthetic carpet have begun, with the old carpet removed and the base now ready to go.

The project is on target for completion in July, so there will be plenty of time for practice prior to the beginning of the new season.


Bowling green site under construction

9 June 2023

Unfortunately, due to a delay in supply of the synthetic surface, works expected to be completed in May have now been reprogrammed to June/July.


3 February 2023

A contract for replacement of the woven carpet synthetic surface of the bowling green was awarded in December 2022.

Works are being programmed for completion in May 2023 at the end of the current bowling season.


30 September 2022

A meeting has been held with club representatives to determine the specification required for the preferred replacement surfacing. 

Tenders are to be advertised for the supply and installation of the new surfacing.






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