Kiewa Tangambalanga Lions Solar Installation (completed 2023)

  • Project typeUpgrade
  • Project value24,848.55
  • Project scheduleComplete
  • Completion Date31 July 2023
Six solar panels on a red roof

About this project

We worked with the Kiewa-Tangambalanga Lions Club to install 8.81kW Solar PV and 13.8kWh battery system. 

Why was this project undertaken and how was it funded?

The volunteer Kiewa-Tangambalanga Lions Club supports the local community through a diverse range of activities including, donations and scholarships, initiatives such as revegetating bushfire-impacted forests and fundraising events.

Based on historical usage patterns, the solar array and battery will almost eliminate the need to draw power from the grid, resulting in significant savings on running costs for the Club which frees up electricity bill dollars for better uses across with wider community.

The project was funded through a Sustainability Victoria Community Climate Change and Energy Action grant and a Council co-contribution.

Funding contributor  Amount 
Sustainability Victoria Community Climate Change and Energy Action Grant Funding $11,353 
Indigo Shire Council $14,495.55

Project update 

We've completed the installation of the 8.88kW solar PV and 13.8 kWh battery system as well as roofing remediation works. 

This project follows the installation of a 25kW solar PV system at the new Chiltern Community Hub in April and next up, we’re planning to install a 30kW solar PV system at our Beechworth Offices (The Pines).