Chiltern Land Development Project (completed 2023)

Chiltern sculpture of space with wire birds

In December 2021, Council purchased two parcels of private land in Chiltern, after the Chiltern Place Plan identified the need for Council to support small to medium sized business growth via industrial land development.

The two parcels are located opposite the Council depot; Lot One fronts Beechworth Road, Anderson Road, Waterloo Road and the railway line, while Lot Two fronts Waterloo Road and the Railway Access Road.

The intention of the purchase was to secure a potential industrial land development site for the future, however, the land purchased is considered large enough for Council to accommodate a range or mix of land uses other than just industrial land.

Given this, the opportunity existed for the community and various stakeholders to participate in an engagement process to identify how the land should be best used. 


December 2023 update

Following a public exhibition process, the final Chiltern Land Development Community Precinct Plans were adopted by Council at the November 2023 Council meeting.

We are extremely grateful to the community working group for its commitment to overseeing this project and to the community for its high level of engagement in developing the vision for this site. 

We've recently applied for Federal Funding Regional Precinct and Partnerships Program to undertake the next phase in the project which includes more detailed designs, site preliminaries and planning studies.  The project is a long term commitment from Council and will rely on external funding and partnerships to progress over the next five to ten years.


October 2023 update

Following recent wet weather and wind, the house on the Chiltern Land property has started to collapse.  

We are erecting temporary fencing, issuing a Demolition Order and disconnecting power.  Following our tendering and procurement processes, we will be engaging a contractor to demolish and remove the materials in the coming weeks.

Please do not enter the property.

Partially collapsed house in paddock


August 2023 update - demolition of existing house

We've recently obtained three quotes to demolish the existing house on this parcel of land. 

Once a contractor is appointed, a permit will be required for the demolition, which we're aiming to have complete by December 2023.


July 2023 Update

Community consultation activities continued in March and April 2023. On Saturday, 25 March, 2023, approximately 100 people attended the Chiltern Land Project Community Launch event held at Martin Place. 

Community members provided valuable feedback in a number of ways – by interacting with the project team, by posting thoughts on an ideas board and by filling out a survey.   

Youth engagement sessions were conducted at Chiltern’s primary schools where students were encouraged to represent what they love about their town and what they could envisage for the proposed site in the future.

Engagement with external stakeholders also provided valuable feedback and included conversations with housing and property professionals, peak bodies and a number of key government agencies.

The Chiltern Working Group participated in a third workshop to discuss the community’s vision and to prioritise land uses for the site, providing CoFutures with design guidelines for the development of a draft plan.

A detailed Chiltern Land Precinct Plan – Consultation Summary Report can be downloaded here(PDF, 8MB).

In mid-July, project consultants, CoFutures submitted a first design iteration of the Chiltern Land Draft Precinct Plan which sets out design principles and indicative concept layouts. 

What’s next?

The first iteration Draft Precinct Plan will be shared with Community Working Group for review. The Community Working Group will meet face-to-face in late August to discuss the concept design in detail with the consultations and project team. 

Recommendations will be made before the Final Draft Precinct Plan is prepared and submitted to Council for endorsement.  The document will be placed on formal public exhibition for further public consultation.


February 2023 Update

The second meeting of the working group was held on 16 February 2023. At the meeting, the group met with the project team and the project consultants, CoFutures and were provided with an opportunity to workshop and co-design community engagement activities.

You can download a copy of the Agenda and Meeting summary here(PDF, 332KB)

What's next?

Broader community engagement will now take place commencing at the launch event on Saturday, 25 March 2023 from 10am-12pm in Martins Lane. Join us to hear about the project and share your thoughts. 

Engagement will take place throughout April so there will be plenty of opportunity to have your say.


December 2022 Update

The first meeting of the working group was held on 13 December 2022. At the meeting, the group met with the project team and the project consultants, CoFutures and was presented with an overview of the project and the community engagement process.

There was then opportunity to discuss engagement ideas and highlight emerging issues and opportunities for the land.

You can download a copy of the Agenda and Meeting summary here(PDF, 215KB).

What's next?

The project consultants are now working on the community consultation plan and will meet again with the working group on 16 February 2023 to road test and refine the plan.

Following this, it is anticipated that broader community engagement will take place from late February and throughout March 2023.

Community Working Group Members

Recruitment for our community working group was completed in November. The project will be guided by the working group comprising:

  • Allan Ricketts
  • Andrea Wilcox
  • Bill Hoston
  • Helen Hay
  • Jenny Hogan
  • Kevin Mayhew
  • Matt Williams
  • Mervyn Rae
  • Paul Shelley
  • Shannon Beacom

Background Report

A Background Report has been prepared to provide an overview of the project, identify constraints and opportunities of the land and information on the development of a precinct plan.

Download a copy of the Report here(PDF, 82MB)





For any enquiries about the project, please contact our Community Development team on 1300 365 003 or at