Make a Planning Submission

How to object/lodge a submission 

Many planning applications need to be advertised. Council uses a Notice of Application to do this. 

Before objecting, look closely at the advertising documents so you clearly understand the proposal.

You can view plans and supporting documents for planning applications which are being advertised at designated Council Offices.

Objecting on your own

You must give us your objection in writing, including your:

  • name
  • address
  • reasons for your objection
  • how you would be affected.

Council may reject an objection if its main aim is to get or keep a commercial advantage, either directly or indirectly.

Using a petition to object

Petitions count as one objection, regardless of how many people sign it.

On every page of the petition people sign, include:

  • the reasons for the objection
  • how people would be affected.

Choose one person as the lead petitioner, otherwise the first person listed will be nominated the lead petitioner. They will be the contact person for all correspondence.

Council will not write to each person who signs the petition.

Objection timeframes

An objection should be submitted by the date on a Notice of Application, which may have been sent to you or displayed by a yellow notice on the site.

However, Council must consider any objections received before a decision has been made.