What are the building requirements?

Seated person reading through documents including a book with the image of a set of scales

Most building works require a permit, including the following:-

  • Construction of a shed (Class 10a building) greater than 10m2 in area
  • Construction of a dwelling (Class 1a)
  • Change the use of an existing building from a shed to a dwelling
  • Farm Sheds

You must also be aware that there may be covenants over the land that may prohibit you from your plans.  Covenants are administered by developers to set a style for an estate and could include clauses controlling minimum size of dwellings, use of relocated or portable dwellings or materials to be used.

Planning and Building legislation also have provisions relating to sheds on properties when they are not associated with dwellings. 

In a residential planning zone it is prohibited to have a shed without dwelling and in more rural settings, Regulation 87 of the Building Regulations prohibits a shed with an appurtenant dwelling without the Report and Consent of the Municipal Building Surveyor.

Consent may be given but would include strict provisions on the use of the building including the clause that the shed cannot be used for any form of accommodation including storage of a caravan.