Keeping poultry

Young boy on a verandah with two chickens

Having backyard chickens to lay the family’s eggs is becoming more popular, and it gives great enjoyment to many people.

Up to 12 poultry (hens only, excludes roosters) can be kept in town.

No roosters are to be kept on any size residential block. 

Unfortunately, poultry, just like dogs and cats, may become ill from many causes and owners need to be aware of those diseases especially those which are exotic to Australia. You can find out more at to understand why there are measures around keeping a small numbers of poultry.  

If you wish to keep poultry in Indigo Shire, you must follow the rules set out in Local Law No.2 - Amenity.

You can apply for a permit to keep poultry here.

These controls have been introduced to protect the amenity of the area and reduce the impact on neighbours from:

  • Odours
  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Rats, mice, vermin and insects. 

These controls include:

  • Housing structures
  • Storing of food in vermin and fly-proof containers
  • Drainage
  • Distance from perimeter
  • Adequate fencing to prevent poultry escaping
  • The area is kept in a clean and sanitary condition, with refuse and rubbish removed weekly
  • The poultry does not cause a nuisance.

Our officers will investigate all complaints received regarding poultry. 

The owner may be required to implement changes and/or an infringement notice may be issued to the occupier of the premises. 

For further information, please contact us.