Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register my cat or dog?

All domestic cats and dogs over three months of age must be registered each year with us.

Can I receive my animal registration notice online?

Is microchipping compulsory?

Microchipping is compulsory for all animals under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. You should also ensure you update your details in the national database if they change and inform us as well.


Do all cats need to be desexed?

No, but there are many benefits to desexing cats and we encourage cat owners to do so if they do not wish to breed from their cat. You also get a reduced registration fee.


How many animals can I keep?

It is an offence to keep more than two dogs and/or two cats on a property without consent in writing from us in the form of a permit. The permit application process may include a visit from our Ranger and obtaining written consent from your adjacent neighbours.

Apply for a permit here.


How can I see if my animal is at the pound?

People who have lost a dog or cat should contact the Albury Animal Management Facility on 02 6025 9682 or in the first instance. You can view impounded animals on the Albury Pound website and the Albury Wodonga Pound Facebook page.

If you do not locate your pet, please contact our Ranger on 0407 201 002 or 02 6028 1100. For impounded livestock or other animals, contact our Ranger in the first instance. Impoundment fees must be paid before your animal will be released to you.



Are there any off-leash areas for my dog?

We have established the following designated off-leash areas:

  • Baarmutha Park, Beechworth
  • Barnawartha Recreation Reserve
  • Barkly Park, Rutherglen
  • Yackandandah Sports Park
  • Butson Park, Yackandandah
  • The Willows, Wahgunyah.

Owners are still responsible for their dog while they are in an off-leash area, and must monitor their behaviour towards both other dogs and people at all times. Outside of these areas, dogs in public places must be securely controlled by a leash and owners must pick up after them. Penalties apply for non-compliance.


Does the Council have a cat curfew?


What do I do if a neighbourhood dog barks a lot?

You could approach your neighbor in the first instance, as they may be unaware of the problem if they are not home during the day. If the problem persists, keep a log of each time it is nuisance during a two to three week period and if you believe the dog/s is constantly barking, please contact our Ranger during office hours on 02 6028 1100 or 0407 201 002. For more information on barking behaviour and what to do if your neighbour’s dog is barking, visit  


How do I register my assistance animal?

Guide dogs for the visual and/or hearing impaired are the only assistance animals that are exempt from registration fee payment. You can register your guide dog here.

All other animals, including assistance animal not for visual or hearing impairments, can be registered here