Being a responsible cat owner

Sleeping grey striped cat

Owning a pet is great fun, but is something that requires a lot of time, love and responsibility. 

Much of being a responsible pet owner is understanding your pet's needs and being aware of community's expectations about responsible pet management.

As an animal owner, it is your responsibility to provide for your animal's general welfare, as a matter of priority. 

Cat owners, or anyone contemplating becoming a cat owner, should do a few simple things to keep their cat out of trouble and their neighbours happy: 

  • Provide adequate bedding and a space to keep your cat confined at night time; 
  • Provide a balanced diet and access to drinking water at all times;
  • Provide veterinarian care when required;
  • Desex their cat; and
  • Make sure they are registered and identified so they can be returned easily if they do get out.

You can find out more about being a responsible cat owner at including legal requirements. 

It is an offence to keep more than two dogs and/or two cats on a property without consent in writing from us in the form of a permit. The permit application process may include a visit from our Ranger and obtaining written consent from your adjacent neighbours.

Roaming cats

Any cat found outside their owner's premises could be impounded by the Ranger and taken to the pound, especially if they are causing a nuisance or at large at night time. The Ranger makes every effort to locate the owner of the animal, but if it is not wearing a registration tag this is almost impossible. 

If your cat is missing, contact the Ranger or pound immediately. If the animal is not collected from the pound within eight days, it may be put down.  

It is especially important to ensure any roaming cat is desexed as many cats are bred by accident either with other domestic cats or stray cats.

Thousands of healthy cats are euthanased each year in Victoria. 

Along with helping to prevent cat overpopulation, there are many other benefits of desexing cats. Desexed cats can be better behaved. They may be less likely to roam, yowl at night or spray strong smelling urine. You also get a reduced registration fee. 

Cat traps can be requested from us where residents have concerns for un-owned or feral cats.

We do not currently have a cat curfew in Indigo Shire, however Council resolved to introduce a 24/7 cat curfew at its October 2023 meeting. Read more here.