Beechworth Courthouse Kelly Trials Project

  • Project typeRefurbishment
  • Project value$1,000,000.00
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date10 July 2022
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About this project?

Located at the centre of the Beechworth Historic Precinct, the Beechworth Historic Courthouse is a significant site in Australia’s legal history. The Courthouse played a key role during the Kelly outbreak of 1878-1880, as the location of more than 40 trials and hearings for the Kelly Gang and their sympathisers.

Most significantly, the Courthouse was the site of Ned Kelly’s committal hearing after his arrest at Glenrowan, and the project will explore this key event in Australian history. 

This project will interpret the stories of this period, focussing on the events that took place in the Courthouse and the people who worked there. It will also tell the subsequent history of the Courthouse, including its transformation into a heritage site in the late 20th Century. It will utilise a combination of traditional museum displays, original artefacts, museum signage and modern projection technologies to allow visitors to step back in time and experience these significant events.

Why is this project being undertaken?

This project is a major investment in cultural heritage interpretation and tourism. It is jointly funded by Indigo Shire and the Victorian State Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund, and is intended to increase cultural heritage tourism to the region. 

The project recognises the significance of the Beechworth Historic Courthouse and seeks to raise the level of interpretation, ensuring an immersive, authentic and educative experience for all visitors.

The Courthouse is listed on the Victorian State Heritage Register, and the project will work within all relevant heritage protections. Projection technology has been selected for its minimal impact, non-invasive nature. 

What is happening and when?

Planning, scoping and development of tenders are being undertaken in 2020. Procurement, design, research, installation and delivery will take place across 2021 and 2022, with delivery of the project due by July 2022. 




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