Sustainable planning

Sustainable planning.png

We work with local developers to ensure energy-efficient building outcomes and ensure all of our own projects meet the same standards.

We also take sustainable approaches to our own developments and assets.

We have a role in regulating land use and development to ensure the effects of climate change are considered in new developments.

Regulation of land use and development is primarily achieved through the application of the planning scheme. Of particular relevance is:

  • Our revised Municipal Strategic Statement: This provides key policy background and a platform for Council's views on development. It identifies climate change as a specific issue and is linked with key objectives and strategies.
  • Presence of Floodway Overlay, Land Subject to Inundation Overlay and Environmental Significance Overlays: These trigger the need for planning permission in such areas, ensuring that proposed developments adequately consider certain risks such as flooding susceptibility.
  • Farming Zone: This identifies land suitable for agricultural purposes to ensure that this is protected against other development pressures.
  • Stormwater Local Policy: This is intended to reduce and improve the quality of stormwater run-off.



Environment Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

Greenhouse Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)