Pests and insects


We are often called upon to resolve requests regarding pests and insects. Please contact us to report pests and insects on council land only.

It is the owner/occupier’s responsibility to remove or eradicate any pests or insects on private property. Private pest controllers may be sought to assist in the removal of these species.

Pest animals are a multimillion-dollar problem Australia-wide. They seriously harm both agricultural land and remnant native vegetation. Landowners have legal responsibilities for controlling pest animals such as rabbits and foxes on their property. 

Agriculture Victoria has various guides and fact sheets on pest animals available on their website or you can contact them on 136 186 for more information. 

RabbitScan is a free resource for landholders and the community to record and map rabbit activity, warrens, damage, and control activities in their local area. You can access RabbitScan at or download the app. You can also record foxes, feral cats and other pest animals to inform Councils, Landcare groups and Agriculture Victoria.

European wasps, bees and ants/termites can also be a nuisance. If you are not confident about treating these yourself or you are allergic, be sure to hire a professional.

We are responsible for destroying nests on Council land and have engaged a professional pest controller to conduct nest destruction and baiting on Council land.

Our residents can also help reduce the number of mosquito breeding sites in our Shire by taking a few simple steps around the home. Given the spike in the number of reported Ross River Virus cases in recent years, this will help reduce the likelihood of our community members becoming infected.