Arts, Events and Recreation

Blue lit image of a band playing with close up of a curly-haired guitarist in a hat

The Indigo Arts, Events and Recreation program is an engaging, inspiring and inclusive program that works with local young people to facilitate music and cultural events for the Shire’s young people.

We organise, promote and support opportunities that empower young people to develop the confidence and skill sets to participate, create, organise and lead inspiring creative events. Events are curated throughout the year by young people from across Indigo Shire.

Our program plan includes;

  • The North East Skate Park Series
  • Battle of the Bands 
  • Drag'd Out Festival
  • Drumming workshops and more.

Get involved in the upcoming events

If you are a musician or an artist and would like to receive any specific training to further develop your skills, please contact our Youth Officer at

** All events and activities are funded by the Victorian Government through Freeza grant funding. 
** All events are drug, alcohol, smoke/vape free and fully supervised.

Musician seated on a stage playing guitar and singing in to a microphone with audience watching