Accessible Parking Permits

To apply for an accessibly parking permit, you will need to access the VicRoads managed APP Online System.

Click through the sections below for easy-to-follow diagrams that show the process for individuals and organisations:

Individuals - process for new and renewing permits

Infographic showing the process for getting an accessible parking permit.

Individual - process for replacing a permit

Infographic showing the process for replacing an accessible parking permit.


APP Infographic ALL - FINAL FEB 2021 (1)_Page_4.png

The process

  1. You will be required to complete a self-assessment through the VicRoads portal. If you are eligible, you will be directed to enter your personal details. Once completed, you will receive a reference number via SMS.
  2. A functional medical assessment by a Medical Practitioner will be required for your application. The Medical Practitioner can access your application via the reference number provided.
  3. This will then be forwarded to Council to review and complete the process if you are deemed eligible. VicRoads will send the permit to Council and you will be notified when your permit is ready for collection.  

An Accessibility Permit application for an organisation can be accessed through the same portal, however the process is slightly different as a functional medical assessment is not required. The application will be forwarded directly to Council for review and completion.

Note: If the portal cannot be accessed by an individual, manual forms can be completed at Customer Service Centres or at your Medical Practitioner.

If the permit is to replace a lost/ stolen/ damaged permit or for an organisation, evidentiary support will be required upon collection:

  • LOST PERMIT – statutory declaration detailing how and when the permit was lost.
  • STOLEN PERMIT – copy of the police report confirming permit was taken.
  • DAMAGED – must return current damaged permit.
  • ORGANISATION – must provide proof of ownership of the ABN and registration documents for each vehicle.

Unsuccessful applicants can dispute their application outcome. Details on how to do this will be included on the declined application notice letter.